Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why we are not skiing

I know . . . good question. The Kirkwood weather report on their website sums it up nicely:
A strong storm is moving in and will paste the Sierras with deeper snow through tonight.
That's right, paste. Sounds good, no?

It's not that we shy away from a little weather, but work schedules and the business of life meant that we were limited this weekend to a one-day trip, which was supposed to occur today. But after careful consideration and a zillion checks of on-line weather reports, Husband concluded that today would be a hammerfest. What a way he has with language. He means that driving would be epic, if even possible, and even if we made it, lifts might well be closed owing to high winds that were predicted.

Here's a live cam photo from today's hammerfest at Kirkwood:

And here we are live from Squaw where no one is enjoying lunch on the patio:

BUT we might not have made it. We wanted to go to Kirkwood, which means we could have been on the Hwy. 88 Carson spur at 8:30 this morning when an avalanche buried two cars. No injuries reported, but still . . . yipe! And sure enough, the lifts to most of what we like to ski there are currently listed as closed.

So tomorrow, bright and early, we're outsourcing Sophie (still sick) to my MIL (they're probably engraving that Mother of the Year plaque for me right now), phoning our respective places of employment (we admit it: we're slackers), and heading off for what should be a great powder day. I'm going to demo. powder skis and dedicate the day to finding the perfect pair so I can consider making another ski-related purchase that I can't afford.


KatieGirlBlue said...

Yay for powder days! Hope you make it to the mountains safe and sound.

Apparently the hammerfest (great descriptor) is heading our way tonight.

See if you can get your mitts on the Black Diamond Jewel...great skis. My current favorite all-arounders.

Beth G. said...

Have a blast! I miss skiing in CA! I used to live in San Francisco for 8 years...the good old days:)

BTW...LOVE "Hammerfest"