Friday, February 1, 2008

Cook's Illustrated and me

That's right: me. As in an email beginning "Dear Cindy."

Because, you see, I am now an official recipe tester for them. Before you get all impressed know that I was awarded this position because I successfully clicked on a link in the email I regularly receive from them.

Do I receive any compensation? Free cookbooks? Fame? Nooooooooo. I just get the chance to try out new recipes and shoot my mouth off about them. I know: that's what my blog's for, but this is going to be even more exciting.

Here are the questions I will answer once I prepare the recipe I just received:
Have you ever eaten or prepared a dish or recipe similar to this before?

Prior to making this recipe, what were your expectations for this dish?

If recipe calls for a grill, what type of grill did you use?

Did you use all the equipment (including the correct pan size and type - if applicable) called for in this recipe?

Please list the equipment you did not have and the substitutions you made.

If recipe offers ingredient options (such as cuts of meat or type of milk), which did you use?

Did you make any adjustments to the ingredient (omissions, additions, or substitutions)?

Please list the adjustments that you made, particularly noting which ingredients you did not have and the substitutions that you made.

Did you find any of the techniques used in the recipe to be difficult, unclear, or awkward?

Please explain which techniques were difficult, unclear or awkward in the recipe.

How long did it take you to make this recipe? Please do not include the time taken to gather your ingredients, cooling, or resting time. We would like to know how long it took to prepare and cook the recipe. If a grill is involved we may ask you to include the time it took to set up the grill. Marinades and brines would not be included in these times, but we may ask the length of time of the brine or marinade to be given separately.

Did the recipe yield the stated quantity?

How many portions did the recipe yield?

How would you rate this recipe (1-10, 10 being the best)?

Was this recipe worth the time, effort, and expense? If not, why?

Did we achieve our goal? If not, why?

Would you make this recipe again?
Well, if this isn't the most exciting thing that has happened to me in ages. I am going to run to the store. Because I only have until Friday, Februrary 8 to prepare the recipe and answer the questions. I'll be making stuffed portabello mushrooms.


Monica said...

Oooh...I'd love that recipe!

AKR said...

Wow, that's very cool! So they rely on volunteers to test out the recipes, huh?

Taylor said...


Cindy said...

Monica, if you promise not to turn me in to the Cook's Illustrated cops, I'll email you recipe. I'm going to try it tomorrow night and will let you know what I think.

Kerry said...

We love cook's magazine!!