Monday, February 18, 2008

Because she said so

Fully supportive of my spring cleaning efforts, Husband got it in his head that we should flip our mattress. Really what he meant was flip and turn. Or something like that. "Does it really matter????" I asked as we rotated it again. And with furrowed brow and shaking head, that was when the words dropped from his lips:
Well, Martha said . . .
Seriously. He saw Martha do this on her show once and wanted to do it himself just like Martha. He's a good boy.

So we fussed with the mattress and his memory and finally got it right. But then we also pulled the bed out from the wall to reveal this:

Is it any wonder we're not DEAD?? We're pretty sure Martha would not have been pleased, so I cleaned it up at once.

But my weekend wasn't all about grossness. One of the benefits of being childless for a day or so is that I can decide I want to go for a hike this minute and then do so, without consulting anyone, for as long as I want. I took the Big Springs trail in Tilden Park up to Vollmer Peak.You have to get in a car to get almost anywhere from our house, but we can walk right out the door to great hiking trails like this.

I saw a wild iris along the road to the trail that I then drove back to so I could snap this:

My knee is still not happy about having any impact put on it, so I couldn't run or jog any of this, but it still felt good to be outside moving. I know soft-tissue injuries take a long time to heal, and given my advanced age (45) this will probably take a really long time to heal. It's sort of depressing. I feel like I'm becoming one of those spry elderly women I see out hiking the trails at a brisk pace but at a walk nonetheless. What' next—a set of walking sticks???

And no, that's not me. But given that there was a time in my life when I didn't know if I'd get to be old, I guess I should work harder to appreciate things as they are and just ride it out in style, right?


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you got it. its good to have goals. like growing old.