Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day Eve:
Time for the next installation of the
Wife Appreciation Program

Because we all know timing is everything.

I usually try to leave for a ski weekend with the rest of the household laundry done. When we get home, the ski clothes go into the laundry and right back into their duffle bag (it's important to be able to leave for skiing with nothing more than ten minutes notice—you just never know). But things fell apart a little here. I had a meeting of our P.T.A.-like organization the night before we left, still had a ton of food prep. and packing for the trip, and then had a school board meeting last night (I'm not on it, but I attend the meetings as a rep. of that P.T.A.-like group since I'm the pres. this year). And I have a job. So I've been kind of busy. And laundry from before, during, and after the trip has gone undone.

So this morning when there was a howl of dispair from the bedroom, I knew my plan was working perfectly. Husband, you see, had just discovered that he had NO CLEAN UNDERWEAR. The magical drawer had not refilled itself! Actually, one pair, but it was not the kind he likes. They're blue (that's all I'll say), and the elastic has totally given out. They are probably the last pair of underwear he ever bought for himself before he attached his caboose to my shopping engine. They are HIS BACHELOR DRAWERS. And he is not happy about them.

But I was. I think Valentine's Day Eve is a perfect time to draw attention to the valuable services I provide . . . by temporarily discontinuing selected parts of the service.

Of course before I left for work I did load the washing machine. And the next time he looks in his drawer, it might be filled with clean undies. But I'll probably put them in at the last minute (I know he'll check tonight just to see). Cause messing with his head is what I do.


tulipmom said...

"They are probably the last pair of underwear he ever bought for himself before he attached his caboose to my shopping engine."

This post cracked me up! If it was up to my husband, he'd be wearing holey socks and khaki pants that should have been donated to charity ages ago.

I think your Valentine's Day wake up call is pure genius!

Anonymous said...

I loved that line, too!

You know Sam hasn't purchased a pair of boxers (or socks, or shirts, or pants, or shoes) for himself since 1998. At the time, he had like five pairs of military-issue boxers, and my heart sort of melted. I thought, "this man *needs* me."

Needless to say, I don't feel quite the same 10 years later.

Angelina said...

I have clearly been missing some great opportunities for fun!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I didn't have it too bad when I was married. My ex always did his own laundry. But then again he is military and was particular about his uniforms and such.

Kate said...

This cracked me up! My husband actually helps a lot with the laundry (it's my least favorite chore) but would rather have a root canal than shop.

Jordan said...

Nicely done! This is hilarious. And I love those Anne Tainor (sp?) pieces - my fridge is covered with them! Hope your husband appreciates you anew on Valentine's Day.

Kate said...

I sure hope he does lots of nice things back for you, since BOY do you seem to take care of him!!!

Libby said...

Cindy, you devil you, I love it!

Monica said...

OMG--that was too funny! Last night I got to hear, "wherrrrre arrrrrre my cleeeeean socccccccks?"

gwendomama said...

amen to that baby. messing with him is what i do!

MexicowithKids said...

Love this post! It totally reminded me of things I plot/do.

Laundry is one of the few chores I enjoy. But once I told my husband: "I want you to know that every second I am in that kitchen doing dishes I am hating it, every second."

Mom on the Run said...

That's hilarious. My husband has a pair of red underwear that are the pair of last resort, so when I see them laying on the floor in the bathroom, I figure it's laundry or commando. Seriously, I'd rather do laundry and wave my wand over the magic underwear drawer than deal with the results of a day gone commando.