Friday, February 1, 2008

A bullet narrowly dodged

So my girlfriend sent me an email this morning suggesting that we avoid the Superbowl (it's on Sunday, I understand) and take our girls to San Francisco to see a 3D movie of a Hannah Montana concert.

I clicked over the ticket website in the message and found that this movie is listed as featuring Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus. At which point my confusion was enough to warrant a phone call. My girlfriend is obviously more up on these things than I and got me (mostly) straightened out. This situation is this:
Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus are the same person, the former apparently being the stage name of the latter. Fine. But why do they list it that way? Does she have some sort of multiple personality disorder? No, wait. That's Britney Spears. Or me on a bad day.

Miley Cyrus is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, the guy who put mullets on the map and sang that silly song "My Achy Breaky Heart," and nothing else if I remember correctly. Didn't he also have some raging drug problem? Does he still have that hair?

Miley Cyrus (or Hannah Montana) has a television show in which she appears as both Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana. How do they manage that? Different outfits? Different accents? Sounds confusing. It's on the Disney channel, which is a cable channel, and we continue to be the last family in the United States without cable television (to my daughter's horror and my delight).

But THANK GOD tickets were SOLD OUT! So in my twisted mind I get credit for agreeing to go without actually having to endure and hour and 14 minutes of trying to figure out whether I'm watching Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus. I mean, seriously, I've got enough to figure out in my life already.


gwendomama said...

good dodging!
i personally dodge the entire miley/hannah craze like they was bratzluts. sure! she's wholesome! she's not a brat!
but holycrap have you ever watched that? we don't have the cable so only on vacation has she had her chance to indulge...but what i saw was basic pre-teen concerns about appearance and typical pre-teen teasing and bullying. WHY TF would i want to expose a 6 yr old to that? and why so many other moms(of LITTLE girls) think that is ok? am i missing something?

Sabina said...

okay i'll comment. STAY FAR FAR AWAY! like you, i say, what is up with the miley/hannah delusion?? children have less information, not LESS INTELLIGENCE. life does not have to be this pedestrian, thank goodness for museums and creeks, and redwoods and fairies and snow and mountains, and gardens, and camping, and kitchens and the beach and pets and art and jim and the choice to not have cable.

Monica said... dd wrote it on her calendar! I thought she was joking but I went in there this morning and sure enough it said, "3D comes out today!" I'm trying to hold her off for a week or two.

Anonymous said...

Geez, Taylor's going with Makenna. Of course, they will probably shop first and then see the movie and then have dinner. She'll pay for it with babysitting money, but she's almost 13, not 7! The evils of cable, I quess. Believe it or not, she is somewhat concerned about her apperence. She wanted to make sure her hair and outfit looked nice for you at Christams time since she hadn't seen you in a year and she's grown so much. I just can't belive those "little girls" grow into beautiful young ladies who are just such a kick!
Love you!

The Wife said...

Nice dodge. Thanks for the comment.

I LOVE the title of your blog, btw. It is simple, cozy and elegant all at the same time.

Belle in Bloom said...

O.K., I hate to admit this, BUT, Billy Ray is from the town I live in now. (I know) As a matter of fact, I was shopping yesterday and ran into his mother. She's very nice. Last year, Little One was in class with Miley's cousin so the class was always getting nice things autographed from her. Billy Ray's sister, ( the cousin's mom), also nice, told us "behind the scene" things about Dancing with the Stars, which he was on last year. Very nice family, Miley is a doll, but I'm just not a Billy Ray fan. Now, let Sophie watch Hannah Montana! It's really cute. ;)

tulipmom said...

"Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus are the same person, the former apparently being the stage name of the latter. Fine. But why do they list it that way? Does she have some sort of multiple personality disorder? No, wait. That's Britney Spears. Or me on a bad day."

LOL ... you took the words right out of my mouth? Thank goodness I have a few more years before I have to start thinking about(ie..dodging) this sort of stuff. Oy.

AKR said...

LOL! Cindy, I'm glad that you had no clue about these two/one precocious star. I think it madness that anyone would allow their daughter to be in such a confusing life. Keep cable out of your house, and just watch RabbitBites to keep you updated on pop culture. ;-)

Taylor said...

Hi aunt Cidy,
Makenna and I saw the Hannah Montana movie and LOVED IT!! ITS THE BEST MOVIE IV EVER EVER EVER SEEN!! I learned all about preteen apperences and all kinds of fasinating stuff. U and Sophie MUST get tickets!!! IF U DONT YOULL MISS OUT

Taylor said...

go bella in bloom your my kind of woman!!! im stickin with u.....the way thats so COOL

Cindy said...

[Big sigh] Can you see me going down on this one? It ain't pretty, is it?