Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hurray for the beagle!

I am glad that the beagle won best in show at the Westminister show because not only is he really cute but he is an actual dog,

which this thing

is clearly not. 

What on earth do they do to its hair to make it look like that?? Oh, wait. I know. The same thing they do to my mother-in-law's hair every Thursday: perm rods, back comb, lots of spray. To my mind, wrong for a person, but really wrong for an animal.


Kate said...

Haha! I have to say, I am not the biggest beagle fan - we used to have two obnoxious ones next door (but really, it was their owners that were the problem!)

Anonymous said...

Ugh - what did they do to that poor rat?

I was just perusing your list of 100 things and made it to the 20's before feeling the need to comment:

I love Big Sur; I think it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Do you happen to need a copy editor at present?

Jenn said...

Oh my heavens, I was LMAO at the picture of that poor poodle, but I almost peed my pants when I read your MIL remark! Too funny, girl! ;)

Libby said...

Cindy!!! CINDY!!! You have made my day- no, make that my week!!! You are so thoughtful, my friend. Please email me!! libby(dot)santella(at)gmail(dot)com

(I've tried to email you two or three but I fear it keeps getting filtered out into your junk mail.)

lisagh said...

Hee hee. Very funny.

Julia said...

Joy Behar mentioned today on The View that the Poodle looked like Ivana Trump and I have to agree with her.

The Beagle, on the other hand, is incredibly, unbelievably cute. Almost cute enough to turn a cat person to a dog person. Almost*

KatieGirlBlue said...

That beagle is so cute he brings tears to my eyes. Maybe it's time to get Arnie a puppy. Except then I'd probably have a divorce on my hands.

Side note: Have you seen Best in Show? If not, you must. Cancel all other obligations - except opening your adorable V-Day present - and watch it immediately.

Kerry said...

yeah - not usually a beagle fan but man is that a good looking beagle!!

Anonymous said...

The poodle's hair is just long and brushed. It is mostly for the show only. I am sure there are dog show ways of doing "beauty" but it is relatively easy to keep your own poodle groomed in that manner. I grew up with poodles and one standard we had was always clipped and brushed in the short version of that picture.