Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am controlling the weather!

From my computer! Right here in my office! Bringing snow to the Sierras and an end to global warming!

Well, not really, but sometime I feel like I am. I have a compulsive disorder this time of year that causes me to check mountain weather reports constantly. And if I do not like the first report I see, I go in search of one that I like better. As if this has some kind of effect on the weather itself.

I usually start here, and then go here, here, and here,  as needed. I'm not picky. I just want results.

Like this

or this

but not this

So I can do this

OK, not exactly, but you follow my drift, right?

But really, sometimes I wonder if I'm not on to something. I have been checking the forecast for northern Lake Tahoe relentlessly. And things have improved! We now have mixed precipitation forecasted for today and tomorrow, followed by four days of snow showers, which is a drastic improvement from a few days ago when no precipitation was anywhere in sight. I'm feeling quite a sense of accomplishment. California skiers can go ahead and thank me now. 


Sabina said...

Now just extend this all the way to April and I'll be your devoted slave!

Mo said...

Love it. I hope you and yours get to enjoy some smokin' powder this weekend.

Monica said...

Thanks for the link to use real butter--lots of yummy stuff there!