Friday, February 22, 2008

A Friday meme: Five things

I was just tagged by that skiing, baking ass-kicker who brings us use real butter (you really should, folks). Anywhoo, this one is easy: five things about myself (I survived the one hundred things, so this should be a piece of cake, right?). Here goes:

1. I drink my coffee black.

Makes life so much easier, unlike that of Husband, who has a terrible fuss if he can't have real half and half (not non-dairy creamer, not milk, not cream). The key is good coffee. If it can't be had, I'll have tea.

2. I love living in the the SF bay area but would throw it all away for a cabin in the Sierras (log, please). Like Jen Yu, I'm a cold-weather being. I love that cold, crisp intake of air and the smell of the mountains. Did you know that Truckee, CA is the coldest town in the U.S. year round? Snowy in the winter and doesn't get really hot in the summer. That would work for me, keeping the hotflashes nicely under control. Also, have you heard about the predicted invasion of pythons?

Yep, they're coming to a bay area neighborhood near you. Because it's a climate that works so well for them.

They eat alligators, goats, and like, and whereas I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mess with me, they might eat my kid, and then where would I be?

The SF Chronicle's article notes that
In California, the only safe places to avoid the migrating pythons would be the colder areas—the Sierra, the Cascades or the North Coast.
OK, let's go!

And let's face it: I look better in ski clothes than a bathing suit.

3. I hate Costco more than almost any place on earth. The pre-packaged prepared foods, the horrifying imported produce, the toilet paper bundled into packages the size of refrigerators, the lines. I just don't get it.

4. I read cookbooks in bed and wake up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep until I decide what I am making for dinner the next night. Think there's a connection?

5. Although I put off having a child until my late thirties (not terribly into babies, you know) there is no person I'd rather spend time with than my almost-eight-year-old daughter: shopping, eating out, cooking, hiking, skiing, although when it comes to the last I'm at her mercy for keeping up. Thank the gods she's kind.

So following Jen Yu's lead, I'm to tag five other people I'd like to know more about.

1. Katie at The Wasatch Report. You and Jen need to meet up in cyberspace. To do some skiing. And introduce your dogs.

2. Gwendomama. I already know a zillion things about her, but other people should too.

3. The nut who writes a play a day & lysteria, one of the only men to ever comment on my blog. Come out, come out. And of course I want more publicity for the Bush McCain hug, which he also features on this blog in a fun game of Caption It.

4. Angelina at Dustpan Alley, because she's the only person I know engaged in urban homesteading, which she does with amazing insight and style. I want to know more.

5. Kate. Because the more I read, the more I like. Muddled, undefined thoughts in my mind appear on her blog in articulate, compelling prose. If you want to know what I wish I had said, give her a visit.

Happy Friday.


Angelina said...

OK, but don't you think you'd see one coming? Snakes aren't as whip-fast as seven year olds and it's not like one of those babies could sneak in through the basement cracks un-noticed.

Is this like the whole "killer bee" thing my brother was obsessed about twenty five years ago? I mean, they're here, but they're still not eating many people.

(I'm totally cracking up right now, but maybe I'm not treating your concerns with the proper respect?)

I say move up to where we are. I hear Mount Hood is a great place to ski! Plus, then you'd been near Portland.

I love colder climates too.

I take a while to respond to meme's, but I'll participate. I'm off to find your "100" things post. I LOVE those.

Angelina said...

I forgot to mention that I drink my coffee black too and my husband is just like yours: practically has a coronary if he runs out of half and half.

Tartan_Reds said...

I'm with you on the black coffee - makes life a whole lot easier. Thanks for the tags to the new blogs - great reading!

Cindy said...

A: But if we moved up there, who would send you Meyer lemons?? Zip me you address, and I'll get yours in the mail. I know you're good for those blueberries. :)

KatieGirlBlue said...

OH MY GOD NO! Those snakes are horrifying and I will have to be carried to and fro every time I'm in the Bay. Oh god, I almost just puked on my desk. I CAN'T STAND snakes....We're lousy with them here in UT. Rattlers, though, who at least have the decency to warn you of their presence.

Oh, yeah, Iand I could live in the nice cool mountains all the time, too. Touloumne Meadows is my dream locale.

Reading your 100, we have so much in common it's almost disarming. Black coffee, better in Baja (isn't everything? except sanitation..., salad, same earrings daily (mine are pearl studs), sewing machine sitting unused (I swear I'm gonna change that), guinea pig as first pet, kiehl's balm, woodstove heat, french pedis are gross...the list goes on. Cool.

gwendomama said...


okay fine - i did it. it took me all afternoon of course, because i had to find JUST THOSE PICS to scan...but hey. what else do i have to do now?

(and i almost tagged you back!)(because i am feeling spunky)

motrin, anyone?

The Wife said...

Ah, Figs, I love ya. I am dying to live somewhere cold/colder. I live in Charleston, SC and people think I am nuts that I really don't like it. It's a swamp people! To live on a mountaintop with a fab view would be heaven!

Sabina said...

i have no blog for you to tag, although i write one in my head...but if you go to them thar hills you must take me! have fun skiing. xoxo

Kate said...

Cindy, you are so nice! Now I have to come up with 5 things - not so hard but let's see if I can find pictures...

PS - I think the people who come to your blog and stay will definitely be nice - what's not to love about your blog!?

White On Rice Couple said...

Hi! We found your fun blog via Use Real Butter! You're so funny and the python is sooooo scary!!! Ewwww! Hope I never see anything like that crawling out my toilet!