Friday, February 1, 2008

What's a kid to read?

Well, lots of good stuff, according my girlfriend who is a middle school librarian. The American Association for Library Service to Children has issued its 2008 list of notable childrens books.

Books are grouped for the following grade ranges:
Young: Pre-K to 3
Middle: 4 to 6
Older: 5 and up
She writes
This is not yet another best book of the year list based on sales or popularity. I like the diversity of titles and subjects that the ALSC considers before they publish notable books. One way or another, this is a resource in case your kids declare they can't find  anything to read or you find yourself (like me) hiding books because you can not read that insipid American Girl Doll book  one more time.
Amen to that.


Kate said...

Fantastic! I have a big list of kids books (ones I liked growing up & ones I discovered while teaching) but I'm always looking for new ideas!

Sabina said...

i got hugo cabret for sasha on CD and he's listened to it twice already. the book is beautiful full of sections of illustrations, graphically appealing, and the story is basically historical fiction. highly recommended for age 7 and up.

Taylor said...

i read that book it was accually really good!!! A KIDS GOT TO LOVE A BOOK WITH A LOT OF PICTURES!!!