Sunday, December 16, 2007

Please help me

by breaking into my house and stealing this:

It is plastic. It is horrible. It lights up really brightly. And worse yet, it plays thirty Christmas carols continuously. Because you don't just wind it up; you plug it in. And then it just goes forever. But it does not sounds even remotely like a music box; rather, it sounds like a tiny, evil electric organ.

Since we will be skiing over Christmas proper, my mother-in-law gave Sophie her presents Friday night. This was Sophie's main present from Grandma, and she loves it, almost as much as I hate it. And didn't I say I like Christmas music??? I do, but not like this.

But on a better note, I'm totally in business next year for our gang's annual Christmas Yankee Swap party. Behold, the Cyclone Cocktail Mixer:

Batteries included. Plastic, of course. Drinks mixed with the push of a button. Because shaking them is just so hard. I have to admit, the resulting "cyclone" is hilarious. But not that hilarious. We think we're exhibiting appropriate restraint by waiting a year to divest of it.

The fun just rolls on around here.


Ladybug's Picnic said...

My mother in law also gave my daughter a music box this summer and it is SO OBNOXIOUS.

I also just found out that it has been recalled. In the trash it goes! (thank GOD)!

LooLoo said...

I "need" that drink mixer!