Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas to me—again!

But at least I didn't buy this gift for myself. In an unusual twist, my mom sent me money (yes—money!) for Christmas with a request that I buy myself a ski helmet. How excellent of her because I've been thinking about the wisdom of such an accessory (most of our friends and all the kids wear them) but just needed this little extra push.

So Sophie and I braved the holiday crowds at REI and purchased this:

It's the the Boeri Siren Plush women's helmet in a color called white carbon. The operative word is here plush; you'll notice that it has soft grey fuzzy stuff on the ear flaps and the lining. And it also includes the important features of vents that you can plug or unplug depending on temperature and the essential (at least to me) pony tail port. Whoohoo!

Thanks, Mom!

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