Friday, December 28, 2007

Conspicuous consumption

When my dad and I were out for a walk this morning, observing all the houses that were not there the last time I was down, we ran across this. Look closely, please.

Whereas I admire the efficiency of someone who can get their tree out in the garbage pickup immediately following Christmas, I've got to wonder about the person who reasons "Who cares about lights! We can buy more next year! Unplug that tree and get it out of here at once!!"

But I promised my sister, who lives in nearby Irvine, I would point out that not all people who live in Orange County are conspicuous or unreasonable consumers. She explains that she has reduced her carbon footprint by using the same artificial tree year after year and offers the helpful tip that pine-scented air freshener provides much the same effect as a real tree. So there you go.


suburban mom said...

Hey there! thanks for leaving a comment. I grew up in Berkeley - and our first house was there. AND I spent summers on Balboa Island and now my sister lives in OC - how much do we have in common? it's eerie! Oh, and my oldest is 7 :)
I will book mark you :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! My dad uses that same phrase -- "conspicuous consumption" -- when he sees all those ginormous SUVs on the freeways around here. It's ridiculous!