Friday, December 28, 2007

Bad news for SF Zoo and world peace

In the bay area (and probably elsewhere in the country), we've all been watching with great sadness events occurring the other day at the San Francisco Zoo, where a Siberian tiger escaped her enclosure, killed a young man, mauled two others, and was then shot by police. The zoo closed immediately (while they looked for other bodies–missing anyone??) and has been less than forthcoming about details. But this morning's SF Chronicle reported that the fence of the enclosure is 4 feet lower than national safety standards and–get this–7 1/2 feet lower than zoo official said it was. Jay-suz. How could they not think it was just a matter of time before insurance adjusters showed up with their tape measures??? It's hard to feel sorry for the zoo, but what a tragedy for the tiger. The director of the Oakland Zoo had the wisdom to clarify that this wasn't a bad tiger; it was just a tiger, doing what tigers do. What a sad ending for such a beautiful animal.

But sadder still, at least to me, was the news yesterday of Benazir Bhutto's assassination. Not good for that peace on earth business, is it?


Libby said...

Both are such tragic stories. We have been watching the coverage of the fallout in Pakistan. My heart breaks for those who are struggling for direction and leadership following Bhutto's death.

Sabina said...

And what about the zoo employees response to run away and lock themselves up/out/over??? Where were the tranquilizer guns? How can you fault a tiger for behaving like a Tiger? Oh yes, shoot it dead. Absolutely poor tiger. As well as the poor dead teenager.

And I am just too spitting mad for a comment on Pakistan. Surely it was an inside security weak link that could not insulate her from meeting the same end as her father.

Hopefully these events are not setting the timbre for 08' Come on ms. Cindy, set the optimist upon us and help us see the fullness in this very confusing oft discouraging world.

Cindy said...

Sabina, even being the general Pollyanna and candy ass that I am, I am hard pressed here to draw any positive message. Perhaps that we live in a world where we do not have to fear or endure what people in nations like Pakistan do?? But then I feel our nation enjoys its security and prosperity at the expense of much the rest of the world through our economic and political policies–so no good there. I'm afraid that their pain is our pain, and there's no getting around that.