Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A non-Christmas post

Because I just need to do this. The holiday panic is setting in, and another holiday post may just send me over the brink.

One of my favorite produce products of the season is Satsuma mandarin oranges. They had beautiful organic ones, with leaves and stems, at Monterey Market, where I do most of my produce shopping.

They also had Italian chesnuts, which is a favorite of our family on chilly nights. We roast them on top of our woodstove in a chestnut pan, which is a shallow metal pan with holes in the bottom.

I learned something new about chestnuts recently. Did you know they do not grow on trees in the form you buy in the store? I didn't. Rather, they look like this:

The nut we roast is contained in a big, stickery ball. The nut in this picture seems close to making its escape, right into our pan.

I feel better now.

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