Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Look what Sophie got from Big S.!!

Yep–a digital camera, which I especially covet given that the one I use has been sent off for repairs. But aside from the fact that it's operational, what I really envy is the fact that it's PINK. She loves this as well. And she loves the fact that it is not "toy" but, rather, "real." As she demonstrated with this picture of,Ugly Doll, which she received in her stocking from the elves, who bring small toys every couple of nights a few weeks before Christmas.

In spite of how late she stayed up, all of us were awoken by small steps, a big flash, and the click of a door as she photographed all of us sleeping. I'll spare everyone the pictures. Her dolls, on the other hand, were quite willing to pose.

And so was Mama, once she was more awake.

On the drive home, she took what she calls "a few snaps" out the car window of the depressing snow coverage. Look, Dad–rocks.

All in all, she's a happy camper, even given the fact that I claim to have told Santa to deliver her presents from him to my parents' house instead of to the mountains. She woke up at about 4:00 this morning, asking if it was too early to go downstairs to see if Santa had come yet. I reminded her that Santa wasn't bringing her present there, which she had forgotten given that it wasn't what she wanted to hear when I explained to her that we were blowing off Christmas to go skiing and would catch the holiday later. But after half an hour of heaving sobs, she admitted that the camera Big S. gave her was the best present she had ever received. And, thank goodness, I was able to get my parents on the phone this morning and prompt them to report to Sophie that presents from Santa had arrived at their house this morning and were waiting for her. Blowing the Santa myth would have been so much easier ("I was too cheap to spring for the extra postage, and your presents didn't get here in time to take to the mountains, so I had them sent them to Grandma and Grandpa's house"), but it was amazing and heartening to realize that she still really does believe. That's enough of a Christmas present for me.


Tay said...

We missed u guys on christmas

Tay said...

i wanted a camera too BUT i didnt get one so make sure sophie brings it

Ned said...

Glad to have found your blog. I am a cancer survivor too!

Libby said...

Oh I have an Ugly Doll too! Okay, I actually have four. In fact, hubby has declared a moratorium on Ugly Doll purchases.

How classic that she nabbed your photo in the middle of the night, it's good to be a kid on Christmas, isn't it? And it's particularly good to be a kid who believes. :)