Monday, October 6, 2008

What she wore

Here's what happens when your kid eschews the tasteful outfit you pick out for one assembled at her school's White Elephant Sale.

Jaunty hat—check!
Blingy scarf—check!
Hello Kitty backpack replaced with mailbag purse*—check!
Corn candy Halloween socks from the grandparents—check!

People at school this morning agreed it was quite a look.

Is the Hanna Andersson phase over? She says it's not, but that's probably because she feels sorry for me. She's moving on in fashion, and I'm not. 

* "Mama," she said, "Not a purse. I call it a bag."


The Preppy Peach said...

Too cute! I hope you'll have a better week this week, and just remember it's the little girl in the picture that will have to live with/clean up our mess in the future, hence my vote for Obama/Biden.

Keep your head held high and keep the blogs - political, cooking, or Sophie coming!

gwendomama said...

Supergirl dresses like this nearly every morning. I think I need to start taking pics of her high fashion. Those girls are going to have WAY too much fun in 2 weeks. Sophie's drawers will never be the same, I warn you now.
This morning it was: heart sprinkled knee socks with blue patchwork shorts, a pink tie-dye and blingy tank top underneath a fuzzy lime green vest decorated with chickens.

Always Organizing said...

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! And no, you were not the blog I deleted. I find your posts to be thoughtful and I personally enjoy reading them. I'm glad things have calmed a bit. I'm sure some would say it was hypocritcal for me to only delete one of the blogs where all the political posting was going on (as I am sure there are many more on my list) but I just felt there was a real negative overall tone happening there that I didn't want to take part in. Hope you'll come visit my blog again :) Best, AO

Broady said...

What I wouldn't give for Sophie's sense of style *sigh* I guess you either got it or you don't. She looks fabulous.

Midge said...

That's great! She is definitely able to pull off this look!

Sabina said...

OMG...the bickersons are in sync...can I tell you that on Saturday night, Sasha spent 1/2 an hour crafting his look...this was a first...he's always aware, but never cared...Saturday he insisted on buying this very cute knit cap with a brim, turned it sideways, and put on his surfer shirt (the one your nephew gifted him with), turned that backwards because he likes the logo design better, and went off to a friends house...oh the is not safe with the likes of either of them on the loose. xo

Trish said...

What is it with these girls?! My DD's favorite outfit is a white ruffly tee tucked -- verrrry tightly, so it looks like a onesie -- into a Hanna A. blue printed, ruffled, tiered skirt. The ruffles are everywhere. THEN she'll top it with a sleeveless button-down shirt as a subtle nod to the tailored clothes I wear. Oh my.

purpleflowers said...

I think she looks very cute!

Deb said...

She looks awesome! Why is it that if we tried to do it, we would look stupid?

Anonymous said...

I could never pull off that look, but Sophie makes it look effortless!

Jackie said...

She's got style and a pose to go with it :)