Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's not true!!!

It's a frame-up job actually, courtesy of that shifty Jen, food blogger extraordinaire and general ass kicker.

Someone is also using this propaganda to frame my conservative (yes, there's at least one in every family) brother-in-law. It is absolutely not true: We will both vote. Someone's got to cancel him out. 

As a matter of fact I have almost finished voting. Husband and I are on permanent absentee voting status so we can sit down with our pile of campaign literature and noodle it all out. 

Sophie was  home with a head cold yesterday, so I had chance work on it. My ballot is complete, but I need to leave it out for Husband, so he can copy it consult it while making his own decisions this evening. Here's the ones I really give a rip about:
  • Yes on 1 (high-speed train between SF and LA)
  • Yes on 2 (treatment of farm animals)
  • Yes on 3 (Children's hospitals)
  • No on 4 (parental notification of abortion)
  • No on 7 (renewable energy—bad for small alternative energy providers)
  • No on 8 (limit on marriage—don't fuck with my state constitution; don't legislate love)


Jen Yu said...

i *heart* you.

lisagh said...

Video was hilarious! I love seeing your American ballots - thanks for sharing.

Sabina said...

good job miss patriot. ballots are so short over here in the ebay...i miss my sf full hour voting experience.

i FINALLY made the quince caramels. i put lemon zest in them as rose geranium was not available. we could definitely make these with pears.

Ned said...

What is the status of Monkey?

Always Organizing said...

Can't wait till Tuesday :)

Carla said...

Absentee voting is such a great thing--feels good to get it done...while we wait to see what happens...and I search the 'net to see if I can find donkey-embroidered corduroy pants.:-)

KatieGirlBlue said...

I heart you AND Yu!

I love "helping" my honey vote (he's an absentee balloter, too, because he's usually on sales trips, traipsing through your fair city during elections). He asks me about a candidate and I say either, a). Too conservative, b). Not liberal enough, or c.) Unfortunate politico hair.

I'm kidding, of course. I'm (very) slightly more adult about voting.

Angelina said...

I just sent my ballot with my husband downtown to the drop off point. I am now very impatient for Tuesday. But, I am also wishing I could vote no on measure 8 in CA.