Thursday, October 9, 2008

Husband warms to the blog idea

Husband has always been pretty skeptical about this blogging business. Why do I not consider my life a national secret? Who are these people out there I think I know? Do I not have anything better to do [clean the house, bake shit, work on the taxes]?

But there have been a few things that have caused him to admit that it might not be such a crazy idea. Such as
1. The teensy little checks that BlogHerAds sends me for my paid advertising. Husband likes any check regardless of size.

2. When I came home one day and reported "I had lunch with one of my favorite bloggers and her husband! I really like them a lot! They live in Colorado and said we can come and visit them to ski!"

3. The fresh fig and strawberry jam recipe from Mary Coleman's blog. It is insane stuff and very possibly the best jam I have ever made, and I've made a lot. She up to all sorts of tasty stuff—drop by and see for yourself.
Anywhoo, about our jam.

She used green figs; I used black missions.

We both found some excellent small organic strawberries (so much better than the ginormous overwatered supermarket ones).

The recipe also calls for vanilla sugar, which thanks to my blogger friend Jen, I have! Jen sent me a bunch vanilla beans, and one of the things I have done with them is keep a bean in my baker's sugar. More on what I'm doing with the rest of them coming up!

What I think really gives this jam a unique taste are two other ingredients that I never would have thought to put in fig jam: orange zest and Bailey's Irish Cream.

It all adds up to (in my mind) a miracle in a jar.

See? All that from a couple of blogs.


kristen said...

Now that is a perfect summary of the benefits (and blessings) of blogging. Any chance you'll be hosting a giveaway for one of those jars? (hint hint)

Kate said...

Yum! What an unusual and perfect pairing!

Mary Coleman said...

You sweet thing!!! And I mean that most sincerely.
I had a long day and came home, checked my Google reader and I'm reading along and halfway through realize you're talking about me!! And Bailey's in it...big fat yum!!
You totally made my day.
And right back at ya with the tasty things going on. I've got my eye on that bread pudding!

adozeneggs said...

Hey Cindy, I know this is un-related to this post,but check your answer to my quiz. Snoopy's costume is what? Who's he trying to shoot down?? I posted my witch icing time in the previous post, that's how everyone knew.
Just check your snoopy answer, I want to make sure you're in on the drawing!

Anonymous said...

when u come down at christmas my mom and i want u to bring down some figs. We have never had figs but supposable u think they are pretty good so we want to try them.

Jen Yu said...

yes you can! :) we can also secure lift ticket discounts at some of the major resorts (Vail, Breck, Keystone) or if you know ahead of time, we can nab 4-pack passes for places like Winterpark or Copper Mountain ($139 for any 4 days - wooohooo!) Gettin' my skis tuned tomorrow. Forecast is for snow this weekend.. Fo shiz, baby.

Deb said...

I'm with Kristen!!! Giveaway, giveaway!

The Mrs. said...

Hubby is seeing the light! LOL!

ms. mindless said...

hello! i just found your blog today while clicking though bec's bohemia. i love your writing and will continue to read.