Friday, October 3, 2008

The debate: We ate,
we drank, and we watched

Eating dinner while watching television: Don't say it's never happened at our house. It probably just won't happen again until November.

So we hunkered down with a good bottle of wine (our homemade 2003 Cab) and got busy with our Palin bingo sheets (our thanks to Piggy Toes for this steer).

Here's what we thought: No, she did not self-combust on stage. But neither did she answer many of the questions, even acknowledging such with responses to Gwen Ifil's questions such as "Can I talk about [me, my record, a subject on which I've been told exactly what to say]?" It was often as if she saw the debate as two-minute blocks of free air time. The question she evaded that I thought most disturbing was the one (also given to Biden) about her shortcomings or Achilles heel. Apparently, unlike Biden, she has none. Like Bush, she seems incapable of introspection and devoid of humility.

And the winks? 
Did ya just wanna slap er?


gwendomama said...

You said it well with the free air time.
At one point I turned to the hus and said, "It's almost like she thinks she's in a....PAGEANT or something!"

Deb said...

I couldn't get over the back of her hair. It looked like she was a bridesmaid in a wedding.

adozeneggs said...

Did anyone else notice how she pronounced nuclear????? Her accent is making me crazy.

Elliott said...

I wanted to punch her in the face, it was totally scary. Apparently she inspires rage with her fake folky-mom next door image. Dontcha? THAT'S NOT A REAL WORD! Oh, oh, and Talibani. What the heck is that?!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

You betcha! Actually I thought she did well (as in her people will be happy). I of course was hoping for a big show down with subjects like Russia (my fav of hers!) and Christian prayer in schools. She did mention that the environment's fall is not man made. Not sure who made the mess.... But in the end, I don't think she did as poorly as I hoped. Ugh but I wanted to slap her each time she said "you betcha" and "maverick."

Sweet Bird said...

Punch her in the face? To quote the text I received from my best friend right after the debate " I want to light her hair on fire."

Love the Palin bingo!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

It's rather odd to see supposed feminists conding violence against women (slapping, lighting hair on fire) but I'm not really surprised. What I'm surprised about is that if you want to ridicule someone for being stupid, you may want to get your facts straight.

First of Elliot, "doncha" isn't a real word, but either is "folky-mom."

And Talibani is the leader of Iraq. As in Jalal Talibani. See, Sarah knew that and you didn't.

And Carter pronounced nuclear the same way and he had a background in nuclear engineering. Think he's stupid?

Again, I knew it makes you feel better about yourselves to question someone else's intelligence, but you should do some fact checking beforehand.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

typo "condoning"

Broady said...

The winking was riDICulous... but i think my favorite moment happened when she referred to her opponent as "Senator O'Biden." But fortunately the implosion I was expecting did not occur.

Anonymous said...

The thought of her as our No. 2 -- or, god help us, our No. 1 -- frightens me to my core. I don't understand how conservatives can't admit that she's inexperienced and ill-equipped to deal with this giant mess we're in.