Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tonight's debate: Let's get ready!

Pencils out, please! When was the last time you diagrammed a sentence? Been a while, no? It's often a useful way to figure out what someone is saying and see if it makes sense. And who among us has not been a little concerned about what's been coming out of Sarah Palin's pie hole lately? You know if SNL can use quotes with hardly any modification, you're in deep water.

The helpful people over at Slate have given us a hand at getting going. As they demonstrate, some sentences are fairly straightforward (it's all relative, you know). Take, for example, Palin on her foreign policy experience:
It's very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where—where do they go?

Still here? Don't go away.
I know that John McCain will do that and I, as his vice president, families we are blessed with that vote of the American people and are elected to serve and are sworn in on January 20, that will be our top priority is to defend the American people.

Man, the wheels are coming off the cart there. Families! Blessed! Defend! Serve! Yeah!! It's all there!

But if that's too mentally taxing, relax and turn up the sound to see how my absolute favorite Palin impersonator shows us preparations for this evening's entertainment. 

I know they've got her locked up at McCain's ranch madly dumping talking points into her head, but I'm with those who say "Just let Palin be Palin." Because people really need to see what is there—or rather, what's not. 

I've instructed Husband to go down to the wine cellar (otherwise known as our basement) and bring up a bottle of something good. It's going to be quite an evening. 


Kate said...

I don't even know if I really want to watch it. I think I will just end up throwing things at the television!

The Preppy Peach said...

Wow - that's all I can really say.

I did however, thanks to the State of Georgia's early voting initiative, cast my ballot for Obama/Biden today. Saw a lot of young college kids there doing the same!

gwendomama said...

i love you.
because you and i have a brain meld. last night i fell asleep with the visions of diagramming sentences - specifically those with the word FUNDAMENTAL in them.
stay tuned for my BUZZWORD rant.

Jen Yu said...

it's his to lose which makes zero sense. the game of low expectations always seems to rest on the side of the repubs lately. i will never understand those f'ing idiots who want "someone like me" in the white house. i don't want anyone like them (idiot) in the white house - that's for damn sure. something to be said for not settling for the low hanging fruit... i can't watch - no tv. i'll listen...

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I hear the republicans hope Sarah will be Sarah and the democrats are hoping Biden won't be Biden!

I'm hoping Joe will recap how he saw FDR on television in 1929 speaking about the Great Depression. Oops, there were no TVs in 1929 nor was FDR president. Or how about how he was shot at in Afghanistan forcing the aircraft to land, when oops it was a aircraft malfunction - no one was shot down! Or how about accusing the driver who was in the tragic accident with his wife and child of being drunk when he wasn't even drinking? Memo to Joe: the family is sick of your smearing their late father. Or maybe Joe can talk of his plagerizing days and how he was at the top of his law class when records show he was at the bottom!

No wonder the dems don't want Biden to be Biden!

Okay, sorry I couldn't resist. Biden ain't got it all going on either. Lol.

All in good fun! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Tickled Pink is angry! Whoa!

Stop trying to find his screw ups.

Because the BIG difference is that he KNOWS politics, Palin doesn't.

It's really clear. Everyone makes mistakes when they speak. No one is perfect. But to be ignorant about so much politically speaking is not okay Tickled. It just isn't.

NJDecorator said...

I figure that Joe Biden will say one thing that will cause everyone to jump up and down and shout about how he "gaffed" again.

But I also figure that Sarah Palin will say long sentances that dance round any point and lose me completely.

Therefore, my hope is that afer this we can stop discussing this topic and make a decision based on issues and stances.

I know that I did that before they picked their VP's and nothing since has changed my mind.

The sad part for me in all of this is that there are people in this world who think that I will vote for any woman, just because she is a woman. How sad.

E said...

i'm going to need at least 20 legal pads to diagram biden's rambling run on sentences and long winded responses since he never knows when to shut up!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Yeah, I'm sorta glad Sarah isn't a political expert. We've had that and look at the messes we're in.

I'd rather have someone with the right views than someone with experience with the wrong views.

Obama was horrible at Saddleback Forum and he's been on the campaign for over a year now. Imagine if Sarah said some huge issue/opinion was above her "pay grade" as Obama did. We'd never hear the end of it.

But hey, that's just me.

P.S. And if McCain had flubbed up as much as Biden had, they'd be calling it "getting senile" in his old age. I'd say the same case can be made for Biden.

Jackie said...

I am so excited for this debate that it's concerning my husband!

Anonymous said...

Let the laughter begin! I am so looking forward to this. Her incompetence is hysterical (and yes, frightening). DH's parents are here and we are having a little viewing party - you better believe we'll be imbibing.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

The sad part for me in all of this is that there are people in this world who think that I will vote for any woman, just because she is a woman. How sad.

I agree. That's why I always cringe when I see women's political groups acting as if they speak for all women and support women. They support liberal women. Same with NAACP. They really only support the advancement of liberal blacks. If we can learn anything from this race, it's to drop the pretense of groups seeming to represent genders or races as a whole.

E, I agree. Good thing they have time limits at debates with ole long winded Joe. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh here we goooo!!!

gwendomama said...

I would love to say something about how shockingly DUMBASS your commenter (who over the course of the day, changed her blogger profile to private!) is, but then I read her comment about Biden's daughter and wife being killed.
And if she is stupid enough to even touch that one (in the face of the Obama campaign NOT EVEN TOUCHING the whole knocked up teenager thing), then really there is nothing I can say to her.
She has managed to humiliate herself with her own words in a way that I could never ever succeed.
Really. Dead baby insults? That is just over the top.
Wonder if one of pink's preshus daughters was T-boned by a truck, that she would still harbor a shred of ill will 36 later.
Just wondering.
Oh, did I just CROSS THE LINE?

Well, bring it on. Because dead baby family insults bring out the VERY BEST in me.

KSK said...

Looking forward to your sentence diagrams of tonight's nonsense! How many times did she say "soccer" and "family?"

Biden rocked - he knows his stuff!!!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I was sad she didn't talk about Russia. My favorite Palin talking point. I did however want to hit her when she announced she would not answer the questions being asked. Um...that was sort of the point of the debate.

Sweet Bird said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Though you were nicer about it than what I posted about her tonight...

Always Organizing said...

My fiance and I were yelling at the tv, that's how annoyed we were with Sarah Palin. I can not stand all that fake folksy talk she does. She didn't even answer the questions! We need a smart leader, not "joe six pack"! Don't we currently have "joe six pack" sitting in the white house? We really need more of that, right?

Jen Yu said...

do you have blocking or blacklisting on blogger? cause we do on wordpress and it's GREAT for flushing out the trolls.

J said...

I cringed every time she said "heck." I can't wait for your recap!

gwendomama said...

Guess what? Ms Pink is a farce! She's not even a she! Just some frat boy fabricating a conservative housewife to put you in your place.
Pretty funny, when you think about it!
Who ELSE would have possibly ever said those things? NOT a mother, I promise you.

MsMVNJ said...

I watched the recap at 2AM - neither side crashed and burned - ho hum...but didn't you find it a bit maddening that she didn't answer ONE question directly??? And that Joe Sixpack comment...ugh

gwendomama said...

Let us not forget the most precious moment:
"toxic mess from main street affecting wall street"

ahhhh.....precious moments.

Boss of Seattle said...

Just wanted to cross post a response. Not sure as it will make the cut by the moderator. Hope it is ok...
Now I have seen everything. A Sarah Palin head carved into a field of my home state.

I have read through your heated comment debate and would like to put in my two cents. First, I believe that Sarah Palin is not equipped to be Vice President of the United States. She simply lacks the knowledge base to function on the level required in these difficult times. You are right that the VP has little official power other than that of succession and as President of the Senate. However, history shows (particularly recent history-- remember that guy Dick Cheney?) that VP's often play larger roles on an international scale. We have a war to attest to this statement. Al Gore acted as the representative of the US and as the driving force on international enviromental agreements. It is ludicrice to think that in today's state of affairs that the VP would be a strictly ceremonial figure. We NEED someone with a firm grasp on what is happening NOW. Not someone who needs to be tutored through the entire process. It is like choosing a 2nd rate doctor to perform your brain surgury.
You state that you are politically astute and inclusive. Why then this statement: "And thank you for revealing what we all know ..that most liberals are intolerant and very miserable people who aren't secure in their beliefs."? Seems lacking in consistency and not really inclusive as this
statement would suggest: "Because I hear all sides, not just partisan sites. So I know more.". What are you trying to say? Are you or are you not ready for healthy debate? Really, I am confused. And as far as the Huffington Post is concerned (if you read it 'all'), why not them read them too? and in actuality, the Huff Po links to The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, NBC, FOX, etc. Hardly fringe leftist news organizations. (Just to be clear in case maybe some don't have any exporsure to the Huffington Post.) You said those things, I guess?... Maybe you meant something other than it implies? You posted a crop circle Sarah Palin face. You are drawing in political debate with that imagry. Rise to the occasion and state your views clearly and kindly instead of sinking to name calling. That would be a testimony to your claim to know enough about politics to put other to "shame". We NEED healthy debate here in the US. Why not provide a platform for that since you do have ideas and beliefs to hold onto? It would be a service and again would back your assertions about yourself.

Aside- as your comments are moderated I wonder if I will 'make it' through or if you will respond?

As to the deaths of Joe Biden's wife and daughter, I can not even imagine the pain and anger he must still feel. It seems lacking in decorum to even speculate on how one should react to such a tragic loss. I would think it in step with your sensibilities to leave this topic alone and grant the man room to feel as he will. Personally I would be devestated by the loss of one of my beautiful children, not to mention my adoring husband. I could only hope to recover.

So come on Tickled, you can do better than this. Make this an adult debate and address the issues and let go of the partisanship. Is is so 90's.

Cindy said...

Gulp! Don't look now, BOS, but I think she may have called you a pig over at! And no, she didn't post your comment.

You are always welcome here at Figs.

gwendomama said...

Well, although you know the BOS works only on her own accord, I think we can say that was a job well done.
There's no post anymore. it doesn't even exist.
The only remnants left being the trail of insensitive asshattery on your blog.....ahhh so sorry. For her, really. Since she did that to herself so willingly.

Cindy said...

Gwendo: Wow. So in the course of a few days, Tickled took her profile private, turned on her comments moderator, and took down her post about Biden's dead family that offended so many. Now she's left to be content blogging about the wonders of Walmart (really).

Now I know why the BOS is the BOS. She can be the Boss of Berkeley too if she wants.