Monday, October 27, 2008

Back from paradise

Our drive down the Cayucos, a beach town on the central coast, had me wondering as we drove for hours Friday afternoon "Why on earth am I driving this far if I can't ski when I get there?" A real puzzler, no?

But the answer is obvious:

These folks.

These five families constitute a gang called The Usual Suspects. We were friends before we had kids and before some of us were married. We've been cooking, camping, skiing, and hanging together for over a decade. We've now launched The Usual Suspects Next Generation. Our kids have known each other since the cradle, and even though they all go to different schools and have new friends there, they have an ease and camaraderie that matches ours.

And the beach was nice too. The fog didn't lift the entire time we were there, but we weren't stopped from our usual fun. Husband and his old pal went mountain biking and found some sun while the rest of us had picnicked on the beach and explored tidepools at low tide with the kids.

On the way home, we stopped for some wine tasting in the Paso Robles area—fun because they have such a different climate and therefore different wines than we have in our area. I tasted everything with turkey in mind. My mind is cranking away on Thanksgiving plans (I'm hoping we can skirt a family obligation and have dinner at our house with friends), and we bought a couple bottles that should go well with this meal. That's if we aren't eating squirrel. More on that later.


Jackie said...

Eating squirrel, eh? I have a few of those monsters in my backyard I'd be happy to ship your way!

I think it's wonderful you have such a great group to vacation with. We should all be so lucky.

Solar Powered said...

Sounds like a tradition you see on t.v. Very sweet.

if you find it in your heart...can you help me with the turkey dinner wine pairing? :)

Purple Flowers said...

Your group of friends have created, and are still creating a wonderful collection of memories. And the next generation is following in your footsteps. How cool is that?! I once worked with a guy who was in the same friends group with two other families. The kids were already in hs/college, and still were keeping up with "the group". I think it becomes a part of who you are and where you came from. Everyone in that pic. is extremely fortunate!

Deb said...

My husband was in Europe a few weeks ago, and he ate reindeer. I am so grossed out by that.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Squirrel? That could only mean one thing: you're celebrating the holiday in Pennsylvania! (Or West Virginia...I guess that's two things.)

Mary said...

Your pork chop secret is safe with me! Hilarious. My hubby got his nickname from eating things (i.e. "chopping") out of the freezer/fridge late at night that he had no business eating due to age, freezer burn, or sheer volume. I suspect that squirrel would fit the bill in our household on an occasion or two!