Friday, October 3, 2008

The debate: It has been revealed

Alright. Just one thing more about last night's debate and I'll return to recipes. Promise—Thai peanut sauce coming up. 

Apparently I was not imagining that Palin avoided answering many questions. (You know how you wake up in the middle of the night and wonder "Wow. Did that really happen?") It's all diagrammed here, you see.

Many thanks to the brilliant Aden Nak for figuring it all out and to the always informative Wonkette for pointing the way.


Jenn said...

OMG - I love it!

KK said...

I know they say we shouldn't look back, we should only look to the future. But I really really really wish you had a blog during the '04 election!

MsMVNJ said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Becs said...

I LOVE IT! I might share it but I will totally give you intellectual credit for finding it first. It was so sad last night! Best, Becs

J said...

Heh. Very funny! And sadly, true.

Maria said...

Amazing. This flow chart is the epitome of genius? How did your Palin Bingo go? I was going to play, but got really enrossed with Palin saying "darn right" all the time - my friend and I were counting how many times she said it.

Maria said...

Oops, I didn't mean for the question mark after "genius."

Erika said...

It's amazing, isn't it, the amount of time some people seem to have on their hands? If the conservatives weren't so busy doing dumb things like working and being evil and greedy, maybe someone would create a nifty little jingle of Big Joe's Greatest Hits...I can hear it now..."Stand on up, Chuck..."

Mo said...

This is too good for words. Thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

I really need to finish my coffee before I read these things because now it is all over my shirt:) Loved it!

adozeneggs said...

Love the flow chart, clever, true and hi-larious!
You know, some people think she was great?

SallyBR said...

Long time lurker of your blog, allow me to share with you a little pearl a friend posted in a discussion forum (Cook's Talk)

Palin is related to the latin term for backwards, hence the origin of the name palindrome.

Larry Gonick (author of 'A Cartoon History of Physics') has come up with the perfect Palin-drome

"Wasilla's all I saw."

(I loved it!)

Anonymous said...

That is hysterical. Give her a wee bit of credit though - she did manage to avoid the deer in the headlights look and failed to provide one of those "where do they go? where do they..." moments.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Speaking of the debate, at least it wasn't Sarah who said the US and France joined together and kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon because that has never happened. Hezbollah must be laughing their terrorist asses off over that one!

Joe must be the laughingstock of the Middle East after that blunder.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Cindy, I was rather disappointed to see where you wanted Gwen to come "bitch slap" me over here at your blog. I thought you liked some debate. I guess when you wrote the following:

"But even if we don't all agree, I'm happy to have you here"

I took you at your word.

But "bitch slap?" Seriously??

Oy vey.

five tomatoes said...

You know what I don't get? All these women who say it's decidedly unfeminist to pick on Palin and say bad things about her. The whole point of feminism is that women are supposed to be treated equally to men and in America we sure as Hell insult male politicians.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

five tomatoes,

And what I don't get is that many on the left and the media (same thing) say that if we don't vote for Obama it's because we're racist.

What happened to being able to disagree with a black candidate without it being a racial thing?

I hope I haven't gone over my limit of posting -- apparently when I do too many I give Cindy the "vapors." Lol.


Cindy said...

Tickled: Yeah, bitch slap. Seriously. I wrote the words you quote before I endured repeated comments from you and before I saw the MacDonald's-eating, Walmart-shopping, nut-job conservative crap you spout on your blog (including the material you have since deleted).

Although what I said to Gwendo was meant in jest, the truth is you have overstayed your welcome. I never thought I would say this on my blog, but you are not welcome here.

Erika said...

Dear God, Cindy, you just proved with that vapid comment all the elitist, effete, San-Fran Snob stereotypes reasonable people maintain about Liberals. Seriously...eating at McDonald's and shopping at Walmart makes you a nutjob? Then I guess between the 2, 95% of the population are right-wing nutjobs. That's good news for election day (for us anyway!) Look, the bottom line is this: if you don't want to hear the opposing view, stay away from politics. Perhaps it's too much heat for your little kitchen and you ought to stick with the food. It's easy to be self-righteous when the majority of your commenters agree with you. Step outside the little blue safety net and comment on one of our blogs, and see how uncomfortable it gets.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Erika, Cindy never had a problem with my blog before, it's just now she finds out I'm a conservative who doesn't want to slap Sarah (as Cindy proudly proclaims she wants to do) or, as some other commenters in here who wanted to punch Sarah in the face or light her hair on fire! So suddenly she finds herself confronted by some informed people with differing opinions and after a life in the Berkeley bubble of never ever encountering an informed differing opinion, she can't handle it.

Cindy, I'll be glad to not come back. All this talk about punching a woman in the face or lighting her hair on fire really makes me cringe and makes me very uncomfortable. That's not the kind of background I come from. What's next? Channeling Sandra Bernhard who wanted Sarah to get gang raped? My god, do you people hear yourselves? I don't agree with Obama at all but wanting to punch him in the face just never really occurred to me. And hey, you guys are supposedly the liberal tolerant feminists and I'm from the violent, war mongering party! How's that for a switcheroo?!

After I made a couple of comments in here the other day defending, by the way, your readers from your friend Gwen who called them dumbasses who didn't have a clue, I got bombarded with the most vile vicious personal attacks over at my blog. So vile I wouldn't even post them. And then I see where you go to Gwen and tell her to come "bitch slap" me here at your blog. What's the matter? Can't respond yourself? Does Gwen do all your dirty work for you so you can keep your tolerant, sweet reputation intact? Now I'm betting that it was you who called Gwen to ridicule your readers who dared to have a differing opinion from the Berkeley elite as "dumbasses." Nice way to treat your guests.

I'll not come back if you call off your friends from bombarding my blog. Oh and I happen to know many of the nasty Anonymous ones are from YOU. Again, you hide behind the mask. So I ask you to please not come back to my blog with your vile personal insults.


Cindy said...

Tickled: I will also post this on your blog in the hope that you are finally no longer reading my blog.

No, those on your blog anonymous comments are not mine. Not that you probably want advice from me, but I would turn off anonymous comments if I were you. I'm a big believer in owning with your name anything you say. All of what I have had to say to you I have said on this blog.

I am sorry you are receiving comments or email that seem like personal attacks. When I asked another blogger to come to my defense (without, I admit, much tact) that was never my intention. I merely wanted you and what seemed like your excessive and increasingly vitriolic comments gone from my blog. Some people disagreed with me in a good spirited manner, but that was not what I felt you were doing.

I cannot, as you request, call off people who are commenting on your blog. They are under neither my influence nor my control. But if you are so upset about that kind of traffic, I wonder that you might have thought first before trolling my blog in the way you did.

I am not at all sorry this is ending, but I am sorry it is ending so badly.

gwendomama said...

Dear Tickled Pink:

Oh no you don't. Don't you go giving Cindy credit for my own smackdown. You are lucky I was feeling rather conservative that day and only used 'dumbass'. Because that was regarding politics, and as much as I think anyone who could possibly convince themselves that Bush did a good job and McCain can do a better one is....well... a dumbass.
Then I came back to visit my dear liberal Berkeley friend and saw that you indeed, had (mis)appropriated her comments section for your mouthpiece of (Michael Savage's brand of)'over the counter conservatism'. Which was, let's face it....strange.

But the mind blower for me was that you had gunned off the path of righteousness and swerved off onto your own freeway, tossing the most heartless, chilling and calumnious of all nastiness.
Thus revealing your nasty hideous core to us - just a shred is left of what you had to say, since you have the right to delete previous posts that you may regret or feel don't show you in the positive light for which you so strive.
But you can't delete that little shred, and you can't delete the indelible mark of being a supporter of baby-killers.
There, I said it.

And all of that, as well as what you read from me previously, came out of my own brain, my own keyboard, and my own sorrow for the pathetic human that is you.

Cindy: I am done. (brushes hands)

five tomatoes said...

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

Somebody might want to inform some of these conservative "ladies" on here that many Americans think that valuing the Bill of Rights is a good thing. There is a whole world of educated women out there (some of us even have nice purses and shoes) who believe that putting your country first actually means speaking out when you think your country is heading in the wrong direction.

But what do I know, I'm just an overeducated ACLU-loving Planned Parenthood-volunteering attorney who is going to spend the rest of her life working for the government to defend indigent persons. You know, like the people who aren't getting paid a living wage to make that shit you buy at Wal-Mart.

adozeneggs said...

Holy Crap. I'm speechless.
Chin up Cindy.

SallyBR said...


I am sorry if my post (first time I ever posted...) ended up generating so much trouble

I tried to write you an email but could not find a "contact me" link.

I will stick to cooking from now on (if I ever get de-traumatized and post again... :-)


Kate said...

Wowee, I had not read this delightful exchange. I hope you are feeling better by now - I'm sure this must have been very upsetting for you!

Jen Yu said...


i'm sorry about the rude people who have taken to using your blog comment section as their little forum.

it comes with the territory of having a popular blog, but no one says you have to put up with it. you write about what you want, lady. it's your blog and i love it that way.

Rachella said...

My oh my, how did this suddenly get personal?

Keep up the good work, Cindy. The best advice anyone ever gave me on my blog was to enable comment moderation. It stops flame wars.