Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sophie's first personalized stationery
—on sale now!

Look what I just ordered Sophie for writing her Christmas thank you notes! It will be her first set of personalized stationery!! So exciting. Ok, I know—get a life already, Cindy.

Anywhoo, the design I ordered is ON SALE today, so hop on over and order a set if you're looking for a way to help motivate yourself or a little note writer.


Cloggsy said...

She's gonna love them! Thanks for the plug! My husband joe left you a little reply in the comments of my post!!

Belle in Bloom said...

Oh how adorable! Love it!

I've been catching up with you...what an amazing wedding AND CAKE! That was so nice of you. It looked wonderful. BTW, The pic of the cake with the stairs, the fountain, the attendents...that was my cake, too. My mother said "Oh, no Belle. You can't be serious." But oh, I was. Loved my cake!!

NJDecorator said...

Hi, I was wandering the NYTimes today and found the perfect cookbook for you:

The most alluring and useful book of them all may be “A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes” (Artisan, $35) by David Tanis, whose life could give a food lover a contact high: for six months each year, he is the head chef at Chez Panisse; for the other six, he lives in Paris, runs an occasional supper club and trots the globe.

Could not resist teling you about it.


Purple Flowers said...

The cute stationery will give Sophie a wonderful incentive to write her thank you notes. They're adorable.

Jennifer H said...

Love the design! I think that's a great idea.

tommie said...

My grandmother got me my first engraved Crane plate and staionery when I turned 13. Up until I got married that is the same plate I used! I kept the same monogram, but changed the colors.

I bet she will LOVE the new notes. It is great to see that some people still love a great hand written note!

Life is what you make it said...

too cute!