Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh my

Click to enlarge. In other words, snow, snow, and more snow plus nice cold temperatures.

Continuing our quest to ski ourselves into the poor house and contribute to my daughter's deliquency, we've got a full three-day weekend on tap:

  • Saturday: Homewood. Just checked their grooming report, and despite the fact that they're getting dumped on, it looks like they're still grooming the heck out of the mountain. Good thing because with my injured knee, I'm going to be limited to groomers or at least runs that aren't too deep.

  • Sunday: Alpine. My dad will be taking a two-hour private with my NASTC instructor. This will be our first time since early last year skiing on the backside, which was closed owing to low snow volume. Runs off the Scott chair should have better coverage too.

  • Monday: Squaw. We're playing hooky from work and school. 'Nuff said about that.

  • Last I heard from them my parents were in the car somewhere near Bakersfield driving up from southern California (the Grapevine was closed for snow) and should be here in time for dinner (pot roast in crockpot—check). At this point my mother is probably wondering if my father is completely insane. But he's caught the bug—it can't be helped.

    Friends are lined up to fill the ski house we've rented. Everyone's got their food and drink assignments. Racks are the on the cars, duffle bags packed. Is there gas in the car? (Remember those Steely Dan lyrics: "Is there gas in the car? Yes, there's gas in the car"?) There will be.

    Knee is still sore but feels much better than yesterday. Range of movement much improved. I went back into the ski store yesterday to have one of my boot linings stretched and found that I can indeed buckle my own boot.

    And while we're on the subject of skiing and since I'm always on the subject of food, don't you think I need this?

    I'm absolutely sure I do.


    Monica said...

    You are craaaazy girl! Glad you made it home safe from last weekend, and now there's this weekend to worry about! ;-)

    I need to get that cookbook for my in-laws!

    Mrs.Preppy said...

    You NEED that cookbook! And invite us all over for some home cookin'!