Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The husband and the economy

Office phone rings. Could it be Dad again? He's home taking care of my sick daughter and negotiating the situation following this weekend's powder adventure of having only one ski. No, it's Husband.

Me: I thought you were my dad. He's been calling a lot. He's down at California Ski right now.

Husband: I know.

Me: You do?

Husband: Yes, I do. I talked to him.

Me: He called you too?

Husband: No, not exactly.

Me: Wait a minute. You're at California Ski, aren't you??

Husband: Gotta go. Very busy!

Me: WAAAAIIIT! What are you doing there???

Husband: The president is going to give me a tax refund. And I'm spending it on skis.

To stimulate the economy, I assume. Damn thoughtful of him.


Sabina said...

wait that's short sighted money that's going to plummet the economy into depths of despair, as they mill the new coinage to supply the stimulus. bad, bad, bad, boy.

Anonymous said...

I would so take you up on that offer. I would love to learn how to put makeup on. It sounds silly but I watch "What Not to Wear" and try to get pointers but I don't know what colors and stuff to pick. But I am a pro with lipgloss!!

Mo said...

First, thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is nice to "see" a new face.

Second, California Ski must be a happening place. ;)

Libby said...

Not to take Husband's side or anything, but he did lose a ski, didn't he? ;)

Cindy said...

Nope, Libby--that was my dad who lost the ski! He's going to rent for the rest of the season and hope that missing ski shows up in the spring. Else he will definitely get new skis!

And in late-breaking news, Husband reports that he was JUST KIDDING. Says he needs to pay the property tax and get a crown on his crumbling tooth before faces the ski purchase. He does need a new pair though . . .

Monica said...

Ha ha ha...damn those adult responsibilities...we don't get to have any fun!