Friday, January 25, 2008

Into the eye of the storm

Why do I feel like one of those nutty storm chasers who are attracted to dangerous weather like a moth to light? Um . . . cause it's raining REALLY HARD, with nothing but major weather predicted for the next several days, and we are going to get in a car in a few hours AND DRIVE TO THE MOUNTAINS. And pray that the pass is not closed.

I asked Husband if he was worried about driving in the weather. He said "No, of course not." But when I reminded him that we'll be taking two cars and I will be driving one of them, he revised: "Yes. As a matter of fact, I am nervous about that."

I'm also not excited about packing cars in the pouring rain. Oh, well. Time to get going.

Back on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!



Lisa said...

Have a safe trip and a fun weekend!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Monica said...

Have fun and BE SAFE!

Rebecca said...

hope you made it safe!

Anonymous said...

Hope you made it there in one piece. Have a great time!