Saturday, January 5, 2008

Buh-bye to Christmas

And so it is with great sadness and at my huband's insistence that I undecorate the tree and store away the holiday decorations. I'm just not done with my tree, but I guess it's time.

So I've sent Husband and Daughter off to Ikea to buy shelving for her room, which leaves me at home alone. So I poured myself a cup of coffee and put on some opera, which out of thoughtfulness to Husband's music tastes I refrain from while he's home, and set about the task.

But before I put everything away, a picture of this year's new ornaments, which I bought this morning at Sur La Table's after-Christmas sale. I have a collection of glass ornaments and try to add at least one every year. I am adamant that no plastic adorn my tree. Glass and natural materials only.

Here's the some of the rest, about to go back into the box.

See you next year!


suburban prep said...

I just finished taking the ornaments off of our tree. So sad to see it come down.

Tartan_Reds said...

I just finished putting away my ornaments as well. The Sur La Table ornaments are beautiful! I could spend my paycheck in that store.

Maritsa said...

Your daily salad dinners sound wonderful. We enjoy it our house as well, but I like a variety of dressings. Would you be willing to share any of yours, or do you use the standard olive oil and vinegar combo? Great blog!