Friday, January 4, 2008

My daughter issues a policy statement

Because with caucuses, primaries, and all that I guess it's just the time for such a thing.

The first thing Sophie does when she wakes up is jump into our bed and snuggle up to me. This morning what she wanted to do there was go right back to sleep (that's scheduled for tomorrow). It was a cold, stormy morning and still dark at 7:00. When I said we needed to get up, she wailed, "But Mama! I have a POLICY about this!!! I do not get up before it is light!!!" However, whereas I'm pleased to find her articulating a succinct and for the most part reasonable policy statement, I had to shoot this one down. "That's just how it is in the winter," I said.

She's growing up fast, but not too fast to be hop-up-and-down happy about this,

which I just ordered (along with a bunch of other stuff) from the Hanna Andersson winter sale. Check it out—up to 60% off! I love their philosophy that kids should dress like kids, not like little teenagers or adults. I know my days for her wearing clothes I like are limited, but I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can. Even though she promises now that she'll always be my baby, there will certainly come a time when she's not.

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hqm said...

I have a "policy" on what my kids wear! I could not agree more with you that little girls should dress like little girls! This sometimes is a problem in our should see the things some of my girls classmates wear to school...YUK...I am always pushing for private school, just so they can wear uniforms!