Monday, June 1, 2009

Saturday morning strawberry scones

After being away last weekend, I wanted nothing more than to hole up in my kitchen for a little baking this past weekend (that along with a big party on Saturday and a little trail time on Sunday).

All my baking this weekend was inspired by the berries recently in at my produce market: strawberries for scones, raspberries for a tart, and blueberries for sauce to top a glazed lemon cornmeal cake. They're pricey but worth it in small quantities right now.

There are lots of strawberry scone recipes out there, but I like this one from a food blogger with that deadly combination of culinary and photography skills. And some really nice flowers to boot. I'm in awe. And grateful to her for this recipe, which served ably as the centerpiece of Saturday morning brunch at the Figs. 

When I know we've got a big event to go to where I will only see Husband from across the room and Sophie as a blur as she races by in a crowd of kids (or in this case, flies by on a zip line), it's nice to have a little "we three" time. Although now that we're all three in our separate places on Monday morning, it seems like a long time ago. 


Irene said...

These look lovely!!! I remember well how they taste, so it's no wonder you didn't have any left!

Purple Flowers said...

The scones look delicious. What time is breakfast next Saturday?

ANFQ said...

Have you guys seen "Up!" yet- so cute- there's a great line in the movie- "Might sound boring to you- but it's the boring stuff that you remember." Your brunch sounds wonderfully, perfectly "boring".

And I am sitting here with my coffee just a-longing, dare I say pining, for one of your scones.