Saturday, June 6, 2009

My brain floating in a jar

No, it's not, but I feel like it could be.

It's actually something much more interesting: The makings of what is called a 44 Cordial.

An orange that has been pierced 44 times is stuffed with 44 coffee beans and is added to a liter of light rum that has been sweetened with 44 teaspoons of sugar (a scant cup). This mixture steeps for 44 days, after which the orange is removed and the liquid strained through cheesecloth and decanted.

I am not a drinker of rum, but Husband is, and we'll see how happy this makes him in 44 days. In the meantime, stabbing the orange and stuffing the beans was right up there with shelling fava beans for therapeutic value.

Many thanks to blogger pal Laura for sending me the stack of Saveur back issues from which I found this gem (March 2008). You'd think I would have started with a recipe for food, but my failure to do so probably explains why, in a recent report on products of California, Sophie was sure the main agricultural crop was the wine grape. Sorry, honey. It's the almond. But your taste is on the right track.


ANFQ said...

I can't even imagine how that would taste....keep us posted.

My trashy summer read is "Barefoot". See, even sounds trashy! Just finished "Girls in Trucks" that I thought would be a witty, Southern, cute darker than I thought....but pretty good.

You see, I must read trashy summer books that place in Nantucket, because right now in Lake Placid, NY is it 53 and pouring rain. :( Last Sunday it snowed real snow. Twice. And stuck for about an hour.

Kate said...

Yum! Can't wait to hear how it turns out!