Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday recap: Check out my loot

Yesterday I blew out 47 candles. Kidding. I did turn 47 but know better than to light this many candles at one time. 

I went to work. At lunchtime I went to spin, where my excellent friend, coworker, and spin instructor Cheryl played a mix called Cindy's Mix, which is all the stuff I listened to in high school (we agreed it is mostly a white-kid-stoner mix). I neither cooked dinner nor was taken out: I picked up a pizza from here, threw together a salad, and we opened a bottle of prosecco. Whee! And—the best part—Sophie made birthday cakes out of her new children's cookbook:

It's called something like the chocolate volcano cake. It had chocolate chips inside, which made it kind of gooey, and is frosted in melted chocolate chips. 

But let's check out my birthday loot:
Sophie (with some financial help from Husband) got me my very own digital camera. In her favorite color. She's assuming that once I get it set up, I will stop monopolizing hers. It's so tiny and cute. Good gift. 

My mom always gets me a subscription to Cook's Illustrated. Good thing too—I probably couldn't live without it. 

Husband got me a gift certificate for Indian Springs in Calistoga. I've already got my treatment picked out: a salt scrub massage (I decided last time I was there in a "note-to-self" moment that women suffering from hot flashes should not indulge in mud bathes). Husband and his friend went mountain biking near there the other weekend and thought how excellent if friend's wife and I (she's a good friend too) could drop them off at a certain trailhead and "wait" for us in Calistoga. Not that she and I couldn't find anything to do with ourselves for a few hours there, but this certainly simplifies it for us. 
And I bought this cookbook, which I've been eyeing for a while, for myself. 

And finally, the MIL send me a check so ridiculously large (she's in that "getting rid of money" stage of her life) that if the economy picks up, you'll know I'm behind it. Seriously, maybe one more cookbook and the rest goes in savings. Unless I buy a new road bike and switch up my present hybrid for trails. Hmmmm. Still plenty left of savings.

And did I mention all the good wishes I received over on Facebook? They were like little gifts sprinkled throughout the day.


Mary said...

Happy birthday Cindy! And I agree, I too would not be able to live without my Cooks subscription!

Jackie said...

I wish my MIL gave out checks!
So glad you had a great birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cindy! Sounds like a lovely time... (and lovely gifts!!)

Purple Flowers said...

Happy Belated B-Day Cindy! It sounds like you had a real happy one. I especially like that your little one is following in your footsteps, in terms of liking your kitchen.

ANFQ said...

That sounds like a great birthday- particularly the homemade cakes by Sophie! Only moms would think that part was the best!

I say get some bikes and throw the rest in the bank.

Kate said...

Well, I *think* I remembered to wish you happy birthday over there but if not - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Great b'day loot too! My son would love those cakes - he's all about the chocolate;)

Aimala said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Cindy! Love all your gifts! Sophie's birthday cakes look great and sound yummy! Best wishes for a wonderful year!


Marla said...

Here are some late Birthday greetings...looks like you had a wonderful day!

Broady said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great and thoughtful celebration. I've never had a salt scrub massage but I like the sounds of it.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Happy birthday, Cindy! Looks like you had a wonderful day of attention and pampering--just the way it should be!

"White kid stoner mix" - love it. I had one, too.

tommie said...

happy happy birthday!! the Calistoga massage sounds divine. We lived in the Bay area (Pleasanton) for a brief one year. I would so go back in a heartbeat!

I really likr Cook's Illustrated. I have a few hard core stand by meals from there!

Sophie's cake looks amazing! How fun she is at the age to do such things.

Jen Yu said...

Happy Belated Bday, sweetie pie! I'm so far behind on everything, but wanted to let you know that I hope your birthday was AWESOME, b/c you are AWESOME. And I also have to tell ya, every time I hear Bob Dylan I think of Sophie and her question, "what is wrong with him?" :) ha ha ha! That child is great. Well, just look at her mama. xxoo

adozeneggs said...

So sorry I missed your Birthday.
Sophie's cakes look very professional and delicious.
Rather than highly desired checks my MIL gives lots and lots and lots of chotchkes. I have to make a stop at a dumpster before I get home every time.
I know I'm going to hell (if there is one)
Hope you had a great Birthday!!

Mom on the Run said...

Happy Belated Birthday! 47 candles for me in November.