Sunday, June 14, 2009

Calling WebMD!

Am I the only one who cannot let a single physical complaint go by without diagnosing it on the internet? This became my m.o. when I had breast cancer, and I've been hooked ever since. It's part of my general disposition: If there is information to be had, I want to have it. I always start with the worst possible prognosis and work my way backwards, figuring that if I can deal with the worst, I can deal with the rest. Actuarial charts? MRI slides? Bring them on!

In this case, the situation appeared not nearly so dire, but it's very nice to know that I have a subconjunctival hemorrhage. Alrighty then. Most people get this from having a big hard sneeze or cough. And maybe high blood pressure. I had it following a serious case of cat-hair-in-the-eye after forgetting that the cat rubbed his face on my hand as I was sleeping and then rubbing my eyes when I awoke. Apparently the swelling was severe enough to cause a little rupture. Do you think my pilates class might have had anything to do with it? WebMD did not mention this. 

Coming up: Summer camp lunches!

Questions I will answer: 1) What will I make?,  2) Will she eat it?,  3) If she does not, will she starve?,  4) Do I care? 

Answers: 1) Wait and see!,  2) We'll know this afternoon!,  3) Probably not!, 4) Not really!


ANFQ said...

I was attempting to read my own MRI using googled MRI shots of blown ACLs back in October. I am proud to report that I could not find any ACL; the orthpedist confirmed that I, in fact, no longer had one!

I like to call myself Dr. Google, but it would be unfair to limit my googling expertise to the field of medicine only!

My kids do lots of hiking in the summer- that's a no-brainer lunch--PB&K and a Snickers, baby!

Sabina said...

lovely color my dear. thanks for sharing. hope your eye returns to normal soon.

love and kisses.

p.s. i am so done with making daily lunches...looking forward to kid chow, but have to wait until august.

Broady said...
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Broady said...

I am a total MD on the web, diagnosing mysterious aches and pains with catastrophic prognoses. Seriously, I think I am dying a couple times a year. Last time I thought I had a kidney full of tumors, but it turned out I was pregnant. BUT I did correctly determine that something was growing in my abdomen, so there.

Speaking of the fetus. She is a GIRL : ) But I am having trouble coming up with names, and would love any ideas you may have. I'm hosting a giveaway to lure you to my blog. Please fall prey to the bait.