Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camp lunch shutdown

Damn—we were on such a roll with the wraps.

Just look at this:

Pub cheese (something Trader Joe's makes; a little too processed for me, but Sophie loves it, and it spreads well), turkey, and avocado. A total hit! Until I received email from the director of Sophie's fiddle camp that not only may lunches not include peanuts (a pretty standard restriction these days) but they may not include meat. Or shellfish, I assume, since the edict comes from the school that houses the camp, which is a Hebrew day school. Does the fact that all the chicken we eat is kosher impress them? It does not. Seems they do not trust us enough and are loathe to police the poultry.

Fine (sort of), but do you think they might have told us this before Tuesday afternoon? It's not like I have time scheduled to go shopping for another batch of camp lunch ingredients, having a J-O-B and all. If I had known ahead of time I would have bought less lunch meat and more tofu.

Well, shit. She loved this wrap, and I was going to send pasta and pesto with grilled shrimp (what we're having for dinner tonight) with her tomorrow and barbecued chicken the next day. Instead I'm going to send . . . uh . . . I dunno. I guess just pasta and pesto. And the next day something else. Back to those lovely suggestions commenters sent me the other day.

What do you think if I were to send the kosher chicken label? No? OK . . . I just don't like people messing with me and my food.


ANFQ said...

Oh, that STINKS. What about grilling up or roasting up a ton of veggies for those wraps and using them through the week?
That sounds so good that I might do it myself!

Seriously, I get the peanut butter but when you can't eat meat or peanut butter....you are not left with a whole hell of a lot....

J said...

No meat? That seems ridiculous to me. But that wrap looks delicious!

Cid said...

That is crazy, my kids did soccer camp at a Hebrew School and there wasn't any issue with snacks other than nuts. I think they are taking the Kosher thing a bit too far.

KK said...

I think the no meat rule is insane if they also do not offer meals for purchase. What about calling re the kosher meat? Maybe ask Sophie what other kids are eating? Good luck- that's a tough one!