Monday, June 30, 2008

What the Figs eat when they camp

I like to think I married an intelligent man, but sometimes Husband makes that challenging. For example, I am planning the food for our upcoming camping trip. We will be driving up through the Grand Tetons (Big Tits in French—George Carlin would like that) and Yellowstone and then meeting my family in Montana for a week at a guest ranch to celebrate my parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary. Once we get to the ranch, we're fed, entertained (taken fishing, placed on horseback, floated on rafts, and hiked up and down various peaks), so no need to plan for that, but for the roughly nine days before we get there, we're eating at my camp kitchen.

To make this more of a family project, I asked Sophie and Husband to suggest meals they might like. Husband even went to far as to add his suggestions to a list of items and tasks he was typing out. He suggested barbecued chicken (good) and . . . casserole. WTF???
HUSBAND: Yes, casserole. I like your casseroles.
ME: And just what did you have in mind? Lasagna??
HUSBAND: That. And I thought maybe your moussaka. You could make it beforehand [a great idea because we know I have nothing else to do].
ME: Did you notice that I usually warm something like this up in an OVEN? Are we now bringing an OVEN? Or maybe I should use my MAGIC COOKING WAND.
HUSBAND: So maybe not casseroles then.

Here's what we're going to have (not necessarily in this order):

1. chili*
shredded cheese
skillet corn bread, butter and honey

2. barbecued chicken w/herb and garlic rub
orzo with pesto*

3. hamburgers stuffed w/ basil and fresh mozzarella*
baked beans

4. tacos: carne asada, Mexican cheese, onion, cilantro, salsa
cabbage slaw

5. grilled marinated chicken breasts
sauteed greens

6. tacos: carnitas*, Mexican cheese, onion, cilantro, salsa
cabbage slaw

7. pasta puttanesca
sauteed zucchini

8. grilled pizza: mozzarella, asiago, chevre, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, prosciutto

9. leftovers

And we usually have a green salad with all dinners.

* These items I have prepared and frozen.




dinner leftovers
tuna sandwiches
ski house pannini sandwiches (cambazola, prosciutto, pear, arugula)

We'll take two coolers: the fridge and the freezer, the latter of which will be packed with dry ice. Honestly, I'm not trying to make things more complicated than they need to be, but I want to spend my vacation relaxing, hiking, etc., not grocery shopping. But I haven't done my final shop yet, and I'm open to suggestions. Any good camping menus out there?


Jackie said...

I love chili! That looks delicious.

Mo said...

Holy heck!

I want to come with you. The menu you have plan is better than I eat half of the time!

Sabina said...

you need medication immediately, that is NOT a vacation menu, that is catered cooking, or endentured servitude. i say make them appreciate you by cooking only every few days, and snacking on cheese and crackers, and turkey jerkey. quesadillas plain and simple. think about the dishes you'll generate, just too much work ms. fig. you are going to have to prove to me that you actually CAN take a vacation. at the moment i am a doubting thomas. have fun regardless.

Monica said...



Libby said...

I want to come camping with you too!

The casserole bit made me laugh, sounds like something Dan might suggest too- how about cookies to go along with casseroles? (*wink*)

Anonymous said...

No. 4 sounds particularly delicious!

Jenn said...

Cindy, you are truly a culinary goddess. THIS is your CAMPING menu? When I was growing up, we ate beans and franks when we camped. Spaghetti was a treat, and it was sauce from a jar, certainly not homemade. You rock, girl. I wanna go camping with you.

The Mrs. said...

Men are a riot arent they?

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW... you are organized!
Not a camping fan... no good camping recipes... except for roasted marshmallows on the campfire! No smores! I do like graham crackers... love chocolate... but I hate them all together... is anyone else with me on this one? Am I alone?

Broady said...

I hope they worship the ground you walk on, girl. You really take care of them : )

My camping menu? bacon,egg, cheese sandwiches on english muffins. not exactly the legendary ski panini, huh?
I do like to make cheese quesadillas to go with my chili, though.

Can't wait for the camping photos!