Sunday, June 1, 2008

The makings of a Niebelung

A whaaaat???? A Niebelung! They're the dwarfs in Wagner's Das Rheingold. It is not a good life. They live underground and work constantly, with no access to facilities for hygiene or grooming. 

This is how you make one:

Take one kid. Insert kid in stretchy body suit topped with funny clam-digger pants and top.

Add makeup.

Add colored gel to hair. This dries to a lovely solid mass.

Complete the look with some icky little shoes.

And—viola!—one nasty little Niebelung!

They look even worse in a group. Here they are ascending the stairs to the stage at Saturday's full dress rehearsal. 

The rehearsal went well and ran straight through with no stops. Opening night is Tuesday. They're ready.


Kerry said...

oy girl. I would have hives if I had to make my child dirty! But darn she looked awesome!!

Jenn said...

Good luck Sophie!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Sophie!

Belle in Bloom said...

Good luck to Sophie! She makes one beautiful Niebelung!

Kate said...

Excellent!!! Good luck Sophie!!