Saturday, June 7, 2008

Weekend play, organizing, and sewing at Figs

Sophie and I reveled in a weekend with almost no plans. She spent a little time at the neighbors' on Saturday and went to the movies with a schoolmate on Sunday, but otherwise she was amazing content to play with her dolls. Her very busy dolls. One of them has non-stop classes, homework, and performances of various types that Sophie needs to supervise. She has, according to Sophie, "A really horrible life!" I asked if it was anything like her life, and she thankfully said no. It's the last week of school, and she'll go from her K-1-2 classroom to her school's 3-4-5 room next year. She knows it gets more serious academically and that she'll have more homework. I wonder if this is her way of expressing concern about that.

She also mentioned that she is the mother of these dolls but that there is no father. "I divorced him and took all the kids." Why? "We just weren't getting along, so I had him leave." Fine, I told her. Just remember if this ever really happens to you be sure to get all the money too. I reminded her that Husband and I are not planning on getting a divorce. 

While she was occupied, I knocked off a long overdue house organizing chore. I've decided I'm going to try to organize at least one thing in my house every weekend, and I have to complete the entire task in the weekend. So we're ignoring the fact that this project has been in progress for about six months. The point is that I finished it this weekend:

My recipes are now organized. I like keeping recipes in folders according to course because then I can include papers of all sizes. Within each folder, I paperclip together similar things (e.g., the thirteen recipes I have for chocolate frosting). I had a recipe box like this, but it was bursting with recipes I will probably never make and duplicates of things I make all the time, with many recipes mysteriously not in their folder but crammed in the front of the box. And the whole thing was looking a little drab and sloppy. These cute folders helped motivate me.

Here it is back on my bookshelf in the kitchen hall (yep—an entire bookcase for cookbooks and back copies of Cooks Ilustrated). 

Next up was taking another run at the pillow project. Careful readers will recall that I botched my first sewing project in my beginning sewing class by measuring incorrectly. So I measured really carefully this time, holding the pillow form up to the measured fabric and asking myself "Does this look reasonable?" It did, but then I sewed it together with one of the sides facing the wrong way. And then my bobbin ran out of thread and I did not notice and continued to sew away, wondering why it did not all hold together. And then my main thread broke, and I did notice, but it took me a long time to rethread the machine. But the point is I used our machine all by myself, winding the bobbin and threading the machine for the first time.  So what if making a simple pillow took me about two hours? Victory was mine.

Behold: the back enclosure overlaps properly.

And since I was on such a roll, I whipped out a doll pillow from the leftover fabric (dish towels that come in packages of matched sets).

Because those stressed-out, overly busy dolls need a place to rest their weary heads. 

Any ideas on what I should make next? I see that Martha has lots of sewing projects, but I'm not sure I trust her.


Maria said...

I LOVE those folders. I just got myself some file folders and a box from Muji, but they are so plain and uninspiring! I need to really organize my research into some sort of coherent system, so I might take a look at those purty folders myself (they have them at Kate's Paperie).

Love the sewing! I am still nagging at my mother to teach me - need to decorate my apartment in Philly!

And a very overdue answer to your question: The Aussie is pretty ok with the move to Philly; unortunately b/c the job prospects are low over there, he is going to stay with his familia during the week, and spend the weekends down with me. Such is life, but its just two years.

Anonymous said...

The pillows are very cute. Perhaps you should make table linens next? Those should be easy enough. (Says the girl with no sewing skills.)

Your culinary library is quite impressive!!!

lisagh said...

Love the pillow and I'm so proud of you for keeping it up.

Yaaaaaaaay Cindy!

Mo said...

I like your idea of organizing the recipes. I may have to steal that from you.

Good job on the pillow!

For your next project how about placemats and napkins? Keeping it green sista'!

Angelina said...

The pillow looks fantastic!

You could make yourself a simple tote bag for holding groceries. I think that would be the next logical project and would give you room to continue to get the hang of the basics without wanting to give up.

Poor dolls.

Jackie said...

I love the patterns. Very fun!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Good job!! I love the matching doll pillow!