Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sale alert: Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson, the official clothier of my daughter, is having one of their ginormous sales. Almost all of their summer clothing is on sale, with many items at 60% off. There's tons of stuff for only $10 and $15, which especially for their quality is a great deal. But hurry! Things at these sales sell out fast. If you order, it's worth your while to set up an account and give them your email address. You'll get email notices of their sales; when the print sale catalog comes in the mail, many items are already sold out.

Look at all the cute, comfy, mixy-matchy stuff I just got for Sophie:

This should keep her in business well through the warm fall weather of next school year.

I guess I didn't mention that I'm on a clothing diet. I have a ridiculous amount of clothes I don't wear very often that are perfectly fine. I'm hoping to save some money while rediscovering some old favorites and new combinations. But, of course, buying clothes for Sophie clearly falls outside this policy.


Libby said...

I know the point of the post was to alert people to deals for their daughters. But may I just say that I just ordered from the women's section: one dress, one tank top, and two swimsuits for a grand total of less than $75!

ElleBee said...

I love to see little girls dressed in Hanna Andersson, and am sure that HA would be the official clothier of any Diva Daughters. Which is probably why God gave me boys.

Jennifer H said...

Cute stuff! Lucky girl. :-)

I need to do some closet shopping, too.

Jordan said...

Oh, yes. I did some serious damage at that online sale a couple nights ago. It's a June ritual - much like the post-Christmas sale in the winter. Stripey long johns and cute beach shorts, here we come. Love it!

Kate said...

I'm with you, Cindy - I'm taking a hiatus from clothes shopping, but somehow that doesn't apply to whatever cute thing I see that I want for Ian... that's different!