Sunday, June 29, 2008

My husband is absolutely
positively going on vacation

My husband works with a bunch or workaholics who are a little shaky on the concept of recreation. They work late; they work weekends; they rarely go anywhere. They don't have young children, do volunteer work, or do much of anything besides go to work.

We're about to leave on a two and a half week vacation. He's been telling them this for ages, but I'm not totally sure they believe him.

We're hoping this addition to his vehicle for the next week will help.

Also, it's so damned heavy, I don't want to have to help him hoist it up there one more time than I absolutely have to. Here is my contribution to the trip:

Wheels for the battleship.

I will return them with the canoe to a friend who has assured me I will henceforth be granted canoe loans for life.


Monica said...

Whoa...that's quite a contraption he's got going there. Enjoy your time alone! ;-)

Mo said...

Yea for vacation. I hope y'all have a great time.

Jennifer H said...

What a great device. Can't tell you the number of times (though years ago) I could have used something like that.

Have a great trip!