Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why they call it organic

Joanie Mitchell sang
Hey, farmer, farmer
Put away the DTD
Give me spots on my apples
But leave me the birds and the bees.

But what about the BUGS? Like this little devil at the bottom of my strawberry bag. Look at him marching right toward that last strawberry. He probably pooped all over the rest.

NO PROBLEM. That's what colanders, the kitchen sink, and lots of clean water are for.

And, really. These organic family farm berries are so worth it, with a flavor that just pops. Those giant overwatered supermarket berries in plastic clamshells may look nice, but they don't have anywhere near the flavor of these.

Like most really good seasonal produce, the less you do to it, the better. Fresh berries tossed with a little glaze is all that's needed for the best strawberry pie ever. Come back for glaze instructions tomorrow.


Laura [What I Like] said...

Oh god you are making me jealous...it seems that all of the strawberries have left the farmers markets here in New York!

Gretchen said...

A mouth-watering picture (the bottom one, I mean)! can't wait for your glaze recipe.

Tonia said...

The pie looks so good. I agree, I think a few bugs or spots is a small price to pay for the flavor as well as knowing you are supporting sustainable agriculture.
Ummm, did I mention that pie looks really good?

Trish said...

I totally agree!! We're in the heart of strawberry country here (what? you've never heard of the Plant City Strawberry Festival?!) I found a locally owned, organic, hydroponic strawberry farm and the berries are out of this world. Unfortunately, our strawberry season is Jan - March, so we had our strawberry pie while the rest of y'all were still bundled up in scarves and ski gear.