Monday, July 13, 2009

What I was up to: A summertime beverage

A Bellini, of course!

Can you believe some people make these using peach schnapps?? That's just wrong.

One of the things that makes a proper Bellini, made with white peach puree, special is that you can only have one a couple months out of the year. I know . . . some people freeze their puree, but a Bellini just would not be the same in front of a roaring fire. I wait for after the first crop or so at my produce market so I can get peaches that are really ripe—the kind with a shelf life of about half a day.

I peel them using a vegetable peeler—you just need to the get the skin started and then it pretty much pulls away. Since my peaches were too ripe to slice, I squished them up up with my hands into my food mill. I've been using my food mill a lot lately while I wait for my new food processor and a part for my blender to arrive, and I've found it's better for applications like this since it removes the fibrous matter instead of just pulverizing it.

2 lb. very ripe white peaches
2 tablespoons superfine sugar
lemon juice to taste
1 bottle of Prosecco, chilled (or other dry sparkling wine)

Peel peaches and run through a food mill or food processor. Add sugar and lemon juice to taste. Stir to dissolve sugar. Chill.

Add two tablespoons of peach puree to a flute. Fill remainder of glass with Prosecco. Stir gently and serve.
Although very pretty on its own, a sprig of mint or a few raspberries makes a nice garnish. And sparkling water with the puree makes a nice kids' drink. Of course kids always need a garnish on their drink.

Happy summer.


The Mrs. said...

I had no idea!!!!

Irene said...

I love those kinds of peaches, with a shelf life of one day exactly. That means that I have to eat them. I become greedy during peach season!

Purple Flowers said...

I wish we were neighbors. I'd barter with you: some purple flowers in a vase for a bellini! :)

Midge said...

mmmmmm . . . It's almost 9 am and I think I could go for a pitcher of those right now.

Mom on the Run said...

Yum. That's all.