Monday, July 6, 2009

So, as I was saying . . .

Sometimes I am just AMAZED at how tuned in to world events I am. Seriously. Just this weekend I was sitting in a camp chair in the mountains while my friend Matt dished me homemade pizza off the grill (he rolls out the dough and everything), and one of my friends who had got his mitts on a paper when he drove down to buy Benadryl for his son's mosquito bite that looked like a tumor emerging from his brain remarked
Look! Sarah Palin is resigning!
Sigh. Big news usually waits until I am on vacation to happen. It's so wrong: Something of this magnitude, and I am without and HuffPo to explain it all to me. Not that I really need it. In fact, I have to say I nailed this one.
Huh. Bet she's headed down to South Carolina to see if she can be their governor.
And why not? It looks so much easier. Apparently you can leave the state to cry in Argentina for five days and for much of it get away with people thinking you are hiking the Appalachian Trail. Duh. Did anyone not notice he packed swimsuits instead of hiking boots, bug repellent, and duct tape? And the good state of South Carolina keeps chugging right along. 

Imagine my delight when my analysis was confirmed (almost) in this video by Sarah Palin herself, introduced by the lovely and talented Sara Benincasa. 

She says it's for a vacation, but I think she's just being coy. And do you think they will notice down there that she is not a citizen of South Carolina? I'm thinking not! At any rate, more Sarah Palin in the news is good news for me. And you know why.


Purple Flowers said...

I wish she was staying in her own backyard of Alaska. I thought we were rid of her, however, a bad penny always seems to show up again.

Steph said...

Hey, hey! Wait a minute now, I live in SC and I don't want Mark Sanford! And I definitely don't want Sarah Palin, Alaska can keep her!

Sara Benincasa said...

Thanks for the link!

The Mrs. said...

HA! That is too funny. I think it's too funny she's resigning. No one cares!