Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just asking

Why oh why did my daughter, sent off to day camp with three kinds of sunscreen (spray, lotion, and stick— all over 30 SPF), come home looking like


I think she's suffering from not only a sunburn but some kind of allergic reaction. Not good. We've treated with aloe, but I'm thinking of keeping her home from camp tomorrow.

And another question while we're here.

Am I the only one who thinks Michael Jackson's coffin looks like a giant buffet server?

I'm just saying.


Kate said... does look like a buffet server:(

Sorry to hear about Sophie's burn!

Kate said...

How funny - my husband said the exact same thing! We posited there might be some scrambled eggs and bacon hiding within...

Anonymous said...

LOL. I see it! I'm so glad to see there are others who can keep this all in perspective. Sad for family, yes... we who aren't see the buffet server.