Thursday, July 9, 2009

I will not even give you the recipe

Not because it's top secret or anything like that.

As if I'm going into the pickle business and need to guard professional information. Nosiree.

They looked nice, but they just didn't taste very good. In fact, they were really quite awful. Unless you like to chew on vinegar. I liked the idea in this recipe to substitute tarragon for dill, and I have a new tarragon plant in my herb garden. But . . . no. I don't even want to compost them for fear of what they'll do to the worms.

A friend of mine who is a much-respected food blogger once laughed that she only posts the good stuff. I usually do too, but what the heck? I get to do a food post without typing up a recipe.

Does anyone have a favorite pickle recipe? I have a good one for bread and butter pickles, but I'm thinking here the refrigerator kind, with a good crunch. Dill or otherwise.


ANFQ said...

I got nothin' but wondered if you might share your bread and butter recipe with me??

Slack said...

This is my favorite pickle recipe. You don't have to wait the full 8 weeks...after one week they are fab and crunchy.

Slack said...

The recipe was changed on All Recipes to add the hot water bath, according to the submitter. I've never done it and never had any trouble. The hot bath would take out all the crispy.

The Mrs. said...

Does look good though!

Kate said...

I'm trying my Gram's recipe out this week...will send it if it's good. Hers were always delicious.