Wednesday, April 29, 2009

There is a dead fox on my back patio

Want to see? Here it is.

Look at that pretty tail. 

Just the other day, Husband came in from pruning our rosemary bush up on the street (see previous post concerning pruning shears) and reported that a fox had just walked past him and down the path that runs near the side of our house. We live on the edge of a regional park, and whereas it's not completely unusual to see a fox now and then, it is completely unusual to see one walking down the street in broad day light. Husband said it looked thin and mangy.

Last night I went out to our patio to take a quick soak in our hot tub before getting in bed and almost ran into a retreating opossum. I didn't realize what it was up to until I almost stepped on something that wasn't there before while unlocking the cover of the tub. I ran in the house to get a flashlight and confirmed that there was the fox Husband had seen the day before. Seems that opossum had been busy chewing the ear off the fox. I didn't know they did that. 

The little fox was very dead, and we covered it up with a blanket to keep other animals away from it in the night. I could hear someone rustling around in the bushes, so I submerged myself in the hot tub like a hippo, with just my eyes above water, and waited to see if that opossum would dare return. It didn't.

Animal control is coming later today to take my fox away. What a pretty little thing it must have been in its salad days. What a sad end to come to on my patio. 


Cid said...

Wow, you are unbelievably calm in the face of dead critters, I would have skipped the hot tub and crawled under the covers until it was gone, although my boys would have loved seeing it.

Sabina said...

oooh poor fox, must have been sick...

Rachella said...

This may sound really stupid, but I didn't know there were foxes in California. I used to get raccoons in the garden all the time, but never saw foxes.

We have a terrible fox problem here in London. They're everywhere, digging down the trash and stealing small animals like chickens. They're not afraid of humans. One sleeps in my garden, no matter how many times I run him off.

Deb said...

Poor fox!

adozeneggs said...

That's sad.
He/she was a pretty little fox.
We have lots here but I never see them.
I hope to never see a dead one.

Ned said...

Wow I am assuming it was ill? Not up on my fox facts! Ha ha I know you would never watch FOX news. OK not funny-have a great time with Kerry and Lisagh!

KatieGirlBlue said...

"I submerged myself in the hot tub like a hippo..." hilarious.

Sad, though, about foxy the grey. I know it's the natural kingdom and all that, but still. Makes me feel bad for the little fellow.

Jackie said...

Sad but gross. I love how he decided to take his last breathe near your home. Must have felt a peaceful aura or something.