Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's official: The Figs are crazy

And possibly financially irresponsible. To console ourselves over the end of our ski season, Husband logged onto the Squaw website this morning and signed up Sophie for next year's ski team and bought himself and me season passes. Among the reasons for this:

There was a pretty good special on the passes if you buy them before May11. Many thanks to the Naked Man in Travertine Hot Springs, a long-time Squaw employee, who alerted me to this. Apparently Squaw is celebrating opening 60 years ago and hosting the winter Olympics 50 years ago. Put another candle at the top of KT-22.

Husband has bitterly conceded that he has nothing left to teach Sophie (I realized this last year and got over it in about five minutes). He simply cannot get out of his mind she telling him that the only reason she skied behind him at Mammoth is that she did not know where she was going. Big of him to respond thusly after a week of moping, no? But he's right. It's time.

Another winter of neglecting our house? Living out of duffle bags? Not knowing if I'm coming or going? Skiing our asses off? Bring it on!

Does my husband work in the construction industry? Yes! Are we currently in a recession? Yes! Could he lose his job at any moment? Why, yes! Are we out of our ever-loving minds? Yes! But we sort of like it that way.


carolyn said...

look at it this're doing your part to stimulate the economy by getting your ski passes now :O

lisagh said...

Ski on, Figs Family... ski on!

Purple Flowers said...

You bought new ski equipmen. That serves as helping to stimuate the economy.
Worry doesn't help anyone.

ANFQ said...

We just bought tickets to Ireland. I kinda feel like it's "smoke 'em if ya got 'em" time. Either that, or we are true patriots, stimulating the economy as best we can.

Kate said...

Hey - if everything turns to s**t, you'll still have your ski passes and the van, right? You can ride out the winter that way.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Hell yes! I'm so psyched for the Crazy Figs!

This might be the first productive result to come of meeting a naked man in hot springs. Well done!