Monday, April 20, 2009


as in I DO NOT GIVE A RIP that my pal Jen just got an enormous dump of spring snow. When we are unpacking and storing the contents of our ski duffle bags and packing up the sticks. We are not even remotely phased by the fact that Husband returned Sophie's season rental package yesterday. Nosiree.

Because we have fresh English peas at my produce market.

And nothing calms me down more than shelling peas. 

And did I mention that we have beautiful French radishes, crisp fennel, and tiny baby carrots that are almost too cute to eat? She probably doesn't have them, well at least not quite yet anyway.

And not that we're keeping score or anything, but we did enjoy my spring vegetable combo. of asparagus, snap peas, and English peas blanched quickly, sauteed in a little butter, and sprinkled with fresh mint. I'm just saying. 

But wait. I understand the snow is heavy and wet. And she's now waiting for it to melt and start mud season. Hmm. We don't have that here. 

There's a point here somewhere, but I'm too fried to find it. I spent almost my entire weekend working on our school auction, which is next Saturday: Logging bid items (don't you love the people who ignore the form where you list description and value and instead give you a big box of STUFF to sort through, write up, and price?), creating a catalog, making the bid sheets, and fielding questions and comments about food, set up, etc. Don't get me wrong: It's a really fun event, and I have a great group of people working with me, but the problem came into focus. It was a beautiful warm afternoon, and Sophie asked me if we could put on  our swimsuits and go to Lake Anza for the afternoon. It's about five minutes from our house, and the sound of people there laughing and shrieking drifts up the hills to our back patio. 

And I had to tell her no. I had to sit inside in front of a computer screen and finish the auction work. She understood, but I don't. Since when does work I do to benefit my kid (I'm the president of her school's P.T.A.-like group and am chairing our auction for the third year in a row) come at her expense? More often that it should have for the past three years. At the end of this school year, I am done. I term out as president, and while I'll be happy to make cupcakes and buckets of spaghetti sauce, I will take at least a year off from chairing anything. Time to refocus.

Who knew I would get to here from snow and English peas? I guess talking about what I care about. 


Anonymous said...

That veggie dish looks delicious!

Good luck with the auction...

Laura [What I Like] said...

Oh I love mint with peas, and imagine it is great with asparagus as well! Ah, I used to swim in Lake Anza when I was little...the memories.

The Mrs. said...

Those veggies could make anyone jealous!!! What a great revelation about being involved with the PTA!

Midge said...

mmmmm . . . I can't wait to hear more of your recipes now that fresh produce is in season!

Jen Yu said...

Yum for your food. This snow... there was a lot of it. It's melting out and it's gorgeous and sunny and almost 60 on my deck today. Can you believe it? Maybe one day you can come visit and tell me about all two of the things I can grow up here in my "yard". You Californian, you ;) xxoo

adozeneggs said...

The veggies look awesome. I'm so looking forward to the Summer Farmer's Market here.
We're still working with squash and potatoes.