Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blog meet up: Guess who's coming to visit??

In fact they're already here, right across the bay in San Francisco! And I'm sure they can feel me waving wildly from my office window in Berkeley. Two of my favorite bloggers, Lisagh (known in my house by Sophie as Crafty McDafty) and Kerry are in tearing up San Francisco as I type (or they might be finishing breakfast). Kerry is here on business, and Lisagh decided that it was time for a little vacation to parts not so chilly as Winnipeg. Since I'm not much of a city girl and my knowledge of San Francisco rivals that of the average person from Lincoln, Nebraska (I used to do a great city tour when I lived in Washington, DC—in the summer I would take people on a wading tour of all the great fountains. I don't know what's happened to me) and I can only take a single day off work (they fly out Saturday morning), I've opted to let them tour the city today and take them up to Sonoma for a little wine tasting tomorrow. 

I'll pick them up in the city bright and early (not too), and they have gamely agreed to let us swing by here on our way up.

I'm not letting anyone leave my fair part of the state without seeing some of these.

Don't tell them that I've got a couple redwoods on the side of my house. They're on a steep slope, and it will be much easier to get a picture of Lisagh hugging a tree here.

Then, in the name of recovery, we'll tool on up to herefor a little of this.

And then venture on north to here

and here

and here.

But it will not look like this

because it is supposed to RAIN, godamnit!! Can you believe it? We are having a DROUGHT. And so whereas we generally greet rain with much enthusiasm, I am cross that my parade will be rained on. Not that this will stop us. But cancel the cute outfit and nice shoes! I am also canceling (unless I am awaken by streaming sunlight) the picnic I had planned. It just wouldn't be the same eaten in my car. A good hostesses does not serve lunch in her car, does she? 

And anyway, I do not think I can compete with this.

See you tomorrow, girls!


Purple Flowers said...

Have a great time w/your buddies, and all the wineries - bubble away!

J said...

You guys are going to have so much fun!

Ned said...

Once again I say SO JEALOUS! Have a great time!

lisagh said...

I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!

tommie said...

How fun! I am so jealous!

Bring back so many memories. My baby girl was born in Pleasanton. We would throw my little boy in a Kelty backpack carrier, and the baby in a Baby bjorn and hike those woods. I have some amazing pics of them!

adozeneggs said...

Sounds like a great time!
Have fun today and don't drink too much wine!!

Belle said...

I wanna come too!!!!!!! U girls have fun!

Laura [What I Like] said...

That vine covered building isn't the Coppola vineyard, is it?

Ginny said...

The Girl and the Fig was our favorite restaurant in Sonoma and we still dream about the food there. Enjoy