Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dear Ray,

Happy Earth Day.

May your dick shrivel up and fall off.

And may our raucous badminton games drive you crazy all summer.

No love,
The Figs


Rachella said...

That's terrible! It looks like he cut down two trees.

ElleBee said...

Tell me, Cindy--how do you really feel? :) That really stinks. I hope your raucous summer parties drive him crazy!

Belle said...

I would have this summer right there. I'd have an achery party!
I'm so sorry. Poo on Ray.

Much love,

Jackie said...

It looks so sad as just a stump. Damn you Ray!

Midge said...

You know that stump looks like the perfect place to hold a tea party.

KatieGirlBlue said...

What a sunuvabith! Why does he live in Berkeley if he hates trees? There are plenty of tree-less subdivisions for him elsewhere, ironically named for the trees that were felled to make way for the mcmansions--Oak Grove, Pine Hills, Cedar get the idea.