Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring break, continued: Ski sandwich duels

Ski sandwiches are serious business around the Fig house. We're too cheap to pay for lodge food, and besides, we think it is usually pretty bad. We bring our own lunch and then munch on it smugly while other skiers wait in half hour lines, spend $12 a person, and eat food of questionable quality and taste.

Last year this sandwich ruled the lunch bag. And we still like it. I banged out about twelve of them every day in our room for our group when we were at Alta earlier this year.

But this year it has some competition. Remember the little jars of stuff I made before our last ski trip? Using some of those items, here's what I made:

We've got sliced bread, one side spread with romesco sauce, the other with citrus tapanade. In between is roast beef, sliced avocados, and caramelized balsamic onions. YUM!

But one the way home, my sandwiches' butts were kicked by this place:

The Mountain View Barbeque was conveniently located in Walker, on Hwy. 395, not too far from Travertine Hot Springs.

You know a barbeque joint has promise when you see one of these out in front, along with a group of bikers.

Here's my pulled pork sandwich, along with homemade potato salad and a local pilsner. The pork was perfect: tender, lean, with sauce smoky, tangy, and not too sweet. If you were there for dinner, the ribs looked really good too.

But perhaps the most attractive thing to me is that I did not have to make it. Sometimes it's just good to be served, you know?


Midge said...

Those sandwiches look awesome!

Deb said...

I now have a craving for your sandwich and the bbq sandwich. Sadly, I live on the east coast and will not have either. Unless I come visit someday. :)

KatieGirlBlue said...

One of my favorite spots EVER. Seriously, I'm not one to go without food for longer than, say, 9 minutes, but when I know that the ski day will end HERE, I fast all day.

Love it! Maybe we'll run into each other there one day!