Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring break, continued: In which you
think Husband would know better

So here, in response to Sasha's request, is the story.

On our last day at Mammoth (we are slap happy and punch drunk on snow and sunshine), our friend Matt found us a lunch table that gave "ski-in" a whole new meaning. Sophie, in fact, kept her skis on through her entire lunch.

Once she finished eating, she had to use the restroom (she knows nothing annoys me more than having to make a pee stop after being back out after 20 minutes).

"I guess you'll have to take off those skis," I said, ever the voice of reason.

"I'll pay you twenty bucks if you go to the bathroom with your skis on!" says Husband, the doof. Sometimes I wonder if I am not traveling with Homer Simpson.

Off she went, on the skis. The restrooms were conveniently located just off the deck, so it's not like she had to tromp through a lodge. But still. I followed close behind, opening doors, excusing ourselves, and making sure we stayed out of people's way as much as possible. Reactions were mixed: Some people obviously thought we were complete idiots (me especially for allowing this ridiculous behavior), but others loved it, especially the guys at the outside bar, who wished Sophie well on the way in and gave her a rousing cheer of congratulations on the way out. Of course she had to announce to everyone "My dad is paying me twenty bucks!!"

I had the camera along to make sure she held up her end of the deal.

Back at the table, Husband was true to his word and paid up.

And someone now had sufficient cash to do a little shopping: stickers, a thermometer key chain, and a Mammoth charm bracelet that she has yet to take off. And I didn't have to pay for any of it.

Sometimes being a bad mom is really fun.


Sabina said...

Sasha is sleeping but I'll inform him upon can be sure it will be cause for inspiration...that is just too funny, love the photos--absolutely priceless.

Purple Flowers said...

Great story! Love the pic. of Sophie w/the skis on in the stall. What a riot!

Just Ask Beth said...

A story she will tell her children. "when I was little my dad made me.."

Trish said...

Funny! And Sophie is looking so grown-up!

lisagh said...

Hilarious. And the funniest part to me is that she also used her poles!

Aunt Boo said...

So Steph! Rivals the skiing-while-sitting-on-plastic-chair antics, although seems no damage was caused! Aunt Boo

Cindy said...

Boo: The plastic chair episode was by far the funniest, with steam coming off Chris's bald head the next. But wait--there was our big duo biff this year too! Good times.

Belle said...

Hysterical! All men have a bit of Homer Simpson in them. ha.

Have a great day!

tommie said...

I have referenced your blog many times for cooking things...I am so going to do it again for this! I pay the kids all the time for doing mundane things...they would be so excited to do something like this!

Deb said...

Awesome!!! Sophie is my kind of girl!

Elaine A. said...

Way to go. I think that's awesome and some pretty easy money if you ask me!